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Learn JavaScript/Ajax


Some major corporations that are looking to expand their online presence via a website, may sometimes exclusively ask for an Ajax developer. This technology remains to be one of the leading approaches towards web development which has the ability to send and receive the data asynchronously without interfering with the user interface.

It will be an understatement to say that IT jobs in India have been on the rise for a decade. Like most of the other areas in the industry, the demand for Ajax developers has also witnessed an exponential surge. Well informed individuals with the right skills can expect to be paid good moolah by employers.

Module 1

  • Foundational Knowledge Of Javascript
  • Basic Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming Language

Module 2

  • Build Applications Using Javascript
  • Learn To Write Object-Oriented Code,
  • Work With Databases
  • Create Multi-Functional Client-Side Applications.
  • Fetch Information From The Server And Display

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