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Alcohol Delivery Apps

How Can I Create a Drizly-Like On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App?

Online retailers are now far more popular than brick and mortar establishments as a result of COVID-19. Businesses are converting to online mode to stay competitive as more and more users join the platforms daily.

The alcoholic beverage sector is also adjusting to this new standard. According to studies, the market for on-demand alcohol delivery is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 2% to $1,684 billion by 2025. The exponential expansion has attracted significant time and financial commitment, providing business owners with quick returns.

One of the top products in this market, Drizly serves as an example for many investors. If you fall into this category, we have some assistance for you in the form of this blog, which will guide you through each stage of the mobile/web development process as you create a complete business strategy.

How Do I Create A Drizly-Like On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App?

Step 1: Understand What Rainy Is

With the use of a mobile app and website, Drizly, a leading alcohol eCommerce solution, links buyers and sellers of alcoholic beverages. Currently, the app features more than 3000 registered liquor stores from the USA and Canada that offer the largest selection of spirits and alcoholic beverages.

Since its founding in 2013, the business has experienced great growth and has succeeded in establishing itself as a market leader in the on-demand alcohol delivery sector. Despite the fact that the corporation doesn’t handle the delivery, Drizly’s success has drawn many users to the website.

Key characteristics of Drizly include:

  • Largest Wine Selection: Drizly offers thousands of beers, wines, and spirits by shopping at numerous liquor stores simultaneously thanks to its thousands of sellers.
  • Make informed decisions by comparing the pricing of alcohol at local liquor stores.
  • Alcohol can be delivered in one hour or less.
  • Shipment: The company offers 2-3 day alcohol shipping across the states of CA, CO, CT, FL, IL, MA, MN, MO, NJ, NY, NC, OR & WA, even if you don’t live in a Drizly city.
  • Secure Payment: Use your credit card to pay on the app, and then present identification to the driver to confirm your identity.
  • accessible in your region? Ask your customer support staff for clarification.

Understanding what makes Drizly so popular is step two.

Drizly continues to dominate the market because of seamless functionality built around the preferences of the user. These are some of the factors that affect its success:

Usefulness: Drizly provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface that enables users to search for beverages. Customers can quickly filter their options, preferred brands, and price ranges.

Customer preference knowledge: Drizly carefully examines and analyses user preferences, making sure to include that knowledge to enhance the experience.

The portal gives users a wide variety of alcohol thanks to its 2000+ listed goods. The alcohol is offered at the lowest prices because Drizly doesn’t charge extra for these goods.

Step 3 : analyse How Will a Drizly-like Alcohol App Operate?

Drizly doesn’t sell its own booze or have a fleet of its own, in contrast to the majority of on-demand eCommerce solutions. It merely diverts traffic to consumers’ nearby stores so they can continue on their own. It functions more like an advertisement for sellers, to put it simply. The core of Drizly’s business strategy is providing a premium, wide selection of alcoholic beverages at competitive pricing. The actions below are followed by Drizly to ensure seamless operations:

Customer logs onto the app and places an order for drinks from a nearby liquor store.

The business that handles the delivery and makes sure the order is filled before an hour is given the order.

Drizly acts as an intermediary between the customer and sellers. Because of the advanced technology and simplified functionality, people are signing up more frequently on the app, which gives sellers additional options. Despite the fact that sellers handle delivery on their own, Drizly provides them with compelling incentives to continue using the app. Although sellers take care of the delivery on their own, Drizly gives them reasons to stay on the app with attractive benefits. Although sellers take care of the delivery on their own, Drizly gives them reasons to stay on the app with attractive benefits. 

Before adding the stores to the platform, Drizly conducts a quality check on them to ensure standards are maintained along with certain parameters like product storage, pricing, distribution system, etc.

Step 4: Recognize How On-Demand Alcohol Delivery Apps Like Drizly Generate Revenue.

The liquor shop partners of Drizly are its primary source of income. The app bills its affiliated stores on a monthly basis. This charge varies from $100 to $10,000 and is based on a number of variables, such as location, delivery value, affordability, etc. Furthermore, Drizly does not demand a margin from each sale from its partner stores. Drizly accomplishes this by staying out of the actual delivery of alcoholic beverages while still managing to provide features that are unmatched. Customers are charged a $5 delivery fee by Drizly, which is then handed to the liquor retailer. The cost of the alcohol is not increased in any way by the app.

Step 5: Identity Must-Have Features to Think About When Developing an App for Alcohol Delivery Customer App Features 

  • Online Order Requesting

With just a few taps on their smartphone, customers may find a nearby store and select a beverage from the options that are offered.

  • Scheduling convenient deliveries

Need delivery at a different time? Use the app at your convenience to schedule the delivery. Either select instant delivery or schedule a delivery date and time.

   3. Live Order Monitoring

With clever Google Map integration, you can follow your order in real time and see the most recent information on your screen.


Without even opening the app, get alerts about new deals, discounts, and offers as well as order progress.

5.Multiple Options for Payment

To safely pay for your order, select from a variety of methods including COD, credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, and others.

6.Referral Initiatives

Use this function to invite your friends to the app and take advantage of referral discounts.

7.Rating and Feedback Mechanism

What did you think of the experience? Leave comments so that the app team can respond and make changes.

8.Filter for Product Search

With the use of product search filters, customers may quickly browse a variety of wine collections. In the wine, beer, and whisky delivery app, these can sort the collection by brand, price, type, and other factors.

Order Status Update in the Delivery Agent App

  • Customers’ digital signatures

    Can be obtained by delivery agents using the delivery agent app after the order has been successfully delivered. The order status can also be changed from pending to delivered. 

    2.Profile Control

    To maintain motivation, delivery agents can check client reviews and access and update their profiles on the app.

3.Tracking of the shortest route

Delivery personnel can choose the fastest and safest routes to deliver alcohol by integrating Google Maps within the app.

Product and Cost Management in the Store Manager App

Depending on availability, store managers can add or update the catalogue of liquor in the beverages delivery app. Additionally, they can change the cost, category, and subcategory of particular items.

1.Tracking Orders in Real Time

To ensure customer satisfaction, store management can track delivery personnel to determine their precise location and push for on-time delivery.

2.Notifications to Send

With the help of this, managers can send notifications to clients informing them about current sales, new items, and other information.


With just one click on the app, you can access comprehensive company sales and spending data along with specific analytics regarding the success of your store.

Administration of the App Store

With one single panel, a manager may operate and oversee several liquor outlets. He or she is able to keep track of every store providing alcohol on demand.

1.Controlling costs

After specifying prices, categories, and availability status, admins can add or amend alcohol products in the app catalogue.

2.Customer Service

Administrators may view all users connected to the app, keep tabs on their actions, and assist them with their needs by providing them with individualised offers via PUSH notification marketing campaigns.

3.Delivery Agent Tracking

 Admins can use the live-location tracking function to track each order in real-time and evaluate the delivery agent’s reputation and vendor service level.

4.Multiple Options for Payment

Administrators can collect payments through a variety of payment processing methods, including net-banking, credit/debit cards, CODs, mobile wallets, and other gateways specific to a particular nation.


An administrator can use the real-time dashboard to obtain a comprehensive analytics report that can visually represent weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual ROI.

6.Figure out the platform in: 

Web, iOS, and Android App Development

Choose the platform that would best serve your consumers after conducting a thorough investigation. The preferred options include:

  • iOS app creation
  • Android app creation
  • website creation
  • platform-agnostic app development

Are You Prepared to Start Developing On-Demand Alcohol Delivery Apps?

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