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App for home design

App for home design

For customers who wish to construct, design, and embellish their beautiful fantasy home, iOS game development studio App Minis has created the mobile Augmented Reality app Design This Home. You can use the app to explore your love of interior decorating and furnish your space with extras like furniture, objects, and decorations. Use the app to enhance, customise, and do everything you can to make your ideal home even more beautiful. Adjust the furniture, place the cabinet, paint the walls, and take a lot more steps to make your house more attractive. Users of Design This Home have a variety of architectural styles to choose from, including Traditional, Modern, European, Southwestern, Victorian, and Asian.

A brief look at the Market Share

Over a million people have downloaded Design This Home. By 2020, Statista projects that there will be 5.5 billion mobile AR apps available worldwide. By 2023, it is expected that the global market for augmented reality software, including Design This Home, would have grown rapidly to $18 billion.

In addition to the interior design app Design This Home, there are a number of additional rivals to research before creating an app in this niche.

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  • Play The Sims
  • Sim Design Castaway Home Designer, Dream House Craft
  • Home Design My Home Story

Features to be included in a design this home-style app

1. Entertaining Gaming

For an enjoyable gaming experience, combine puzzles with games including house décor. Enable the game with difficult stages for designing your home and rooms so that your imagination can come to life.

2. Original Narrative

Explore new cities and festivals with in-game characters while having fun decorating your dwellings. The decor would be done with assistance from a great friend or a trustworthy landlord.

3. A genuine experience

Place a tonne of amazing 3D furniture in your house and room to make it feel more real. The overall experience will be improved, and people will find it more enjoyable as a result.

4. Make More Room

If you’re unsatisfied with creating and decorating one dwelling only? You can decorate a number of houses. More homes are on the way for you to explore the world of your imagination, whether it be a bedroom, study, or additional living areas.

5. Have fun with your pals

Give the app a leaderboard so that you may compete with your friends. Visit your friends’ homes frequently to move up the app portal’s leaderboard. You can also take part in the weekend activities to appreciate unique dwellings.

6. Make Bedroom Custom

Choose the bedroom you want. Choose the type of flooring, the designs for the curtains, and the colour of the paint for the walls to start customising. Put the bed where it will make you comfortable.

7. Create a Living Area

Create a distinctive design for your living room by deciding where to put the sofa, television accessories, a display cabinet, and other furniture. With the help of this wonderful interior application, you may alter the colours in your house as well.

8. Join a Group

Join the group and interact with hundreds of other users while expressing your ideas. By being a member of the community, you can also get fresh decorating ideas as you will gain insight into how others decorate their spaces. Also included in the programme is a like option.

9. Pick your top choices.

Through the lively and inventive community built into the application, you can vote for your favourite room or piece of home decor while viewing other people’s custom homes.

10. Acquire Rewards

Utilise this innovative programme to hone your outstanding interior decorating talents and unlock a variety of rewards.

11. Purchase decor.

like a few of the app’s items? Purchase it straight from the software. Choose any item and purchase it for your actual residence. You may not only discover trends but also own them thanks to the great decor goods that are just a few screen taps away!

How can an app like Design This Home be created?

  1. Establish the Project Scope
  2. Highlight MVP
  3. Adopt a development strategy
  4. Select a Scrum team 
  5. Create an interactive user interface 
  6. Create, Test, and Publish
  7. A tool for project management

What is the price of creating an app like Design This Home?

Like any other software, the price to create an app like Design This Home depends on a number of variables, including:

  • Construction Resources
  • UI/UX of the App Development Platform
  • Intricacy of Features
  • Consideration must be given to factors like marketing expenses, technology used in the region of development, app customization, and other subtleties.

How can Omninos assist?

Omninos can assist in developing an interior application similar to Design This Home thanks to its two decades of experience. Our developers can create cutting-edge AR solutions tailored to your needs as an individual or as an organisation thanks to cutting-edge technology. You want to learn more about your inner abilities, or are you an entrepreneur looking to improve the same skills? Omninos are at your disposal. Use your creativity to help us paint the curve for you.

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