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How To Make a Live Wallpaper App Like Flexi?

3D One of the simplest methods to give a phone screen a more lively and welcoming appearance is to use live wallpapers. Since individuals devote the most time with their phones, they are likely to invest on animated and interactive live wallpapers to give them a unique personality.

Flexi is at the forefront of other programmes that provide the adaptability of live wallpaper customization. The app is one of the most well-known creations of the design firm, The majority of live wallpaper apps let users adjust standard elements like animation speed and swipe effect. Flexi enables changes that can alter the overall feel of a smartphone, in contrast to the majority of other similar apps.

This unique aspect of the software has contributed to its enormous success. Today, we’ll examine how to create a live wallpaper application and what we may learn from its incredible development. However, let’s first discover a little bit more about-

Flexi: The Live Wallpaper App and Its Salient Features

The Flexi software provides users with a fluid live wallpaper that bends and bends continuously while producing stunning colourful effects. It was originally designed to be calming and stress-relieving. The wallpaper’s look is highly watery and even billowy. Additionally, when a user taps the screen, a playable globule is created. Making numerous, then combining them all. This live wallpaper is therefore pretty interesting. The following are some additional features that set the free version of the programme apart from its rivals:

  • Beautiful palette

The software features a variety of attractive and pleasing-to-the-eye blue-pink gradients that bounce along with the grid’s wave to prevent eye strain.

  • multi-touch responsiveness

Flexi enables simultaneous interaction with wallpaper at many touchpoints, in contrast to the more straightforward live wallpaper programmes.

  • Gyroscope

The gyroscope functions of the app are supported. In other words, the grid moves differently depending on how users tilt or position their phones.

  • Lightweight

Another fantastic aspect of an app is that, despite being so jam-packed with capabilities, it doesn’t slow down the device’s processor, RAM, or battery life.

  • Permanent Animation

The programme is fairly lightweight, but it still amazes me how it continuously animates the screen even though the user isn’t using it.

  • A Variety of Upgrade Versions

Users don’t need to leave the interface to update the app to obtain more of the best features; they can do it from there.

The Pro Version comes with more features.

Upgrades to the app’s three tiers are available. The first upgrade adds new features that allow users to further customise the software. Developer choices are addressed by the final two updates.

  • Unique Colours

Users can select their preferred colours for both the outside and inner grids. They can also alter the wallpaper’s background colour.

  • Scroll and Interaction Switch

The app has touch sensitivity and fluid scrolling by default. The improved version allows users to switch them on or off as desired.

  • Shuffling Sensitivity

The improved version of the app enables users to alter the background colour to a new image whenever they shake the device, increasing the app’s interactivity.

  • Randomization

Users of the Upgraded versions of the software can also set a timer to automatically change the wallpaper’s colour at predetermined intervals.

How To Create A Flexi-Like Live Wallpaper Phone App

The process of creating an application like Flexi is simple. The majority of your time will be spent on the features, just like any wallpaper software with a lot of features. 

  • Analyse the Market You’re After
  • Consider the Features of a Live Wallpaper App
  • Use a team to develop mobile applications.
  • Make a Project Plan
  • Pick the technology stack.
  • Outstanding UI Design
  • Making an MVP for just a live wallpaper application
  • Launch and growth of apps

Live wallpaper apps as Flexi are popular among users since they offer the ideal personalised touch to one’s preferred gadget. And typically, a small group of dependable and experienced developers can work wonders on such an offline programme. If you plan out the full procedure well in preparation and also have a fantastic team to carry it out, the time needed and the overall user experience requirements can be controlled with relative simplicity. This is the reason Omninos is, in our opinion, the ideal partner for you at this time.

Our company, Omninos, has developed quite a name for itself. We are the ideal choice for quickly creating a Flexi clone app with a tonne of features because of our many years of experience and the highly rated apps we have developed throughout that period. We can guarantee that you get the most out of their investment through MVP launch to full scalable software deployment because our team also includes Agile maestros. Don’t rely on our word alone, though. Request a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists before making a decision. To receive a free estimate on your app, get in touch with us right now.

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