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Best Calorie Counter App

Best Calorie Counter App

Face the difficult truth. You can do high intensity training, but getting a perfect physique like Jennifer Aniston is a huge achievement. Helping to fit your body is to maintain a healthy diet. Eating a balanced diet can be a daunting task and you need to track down any bites that come into your mouth. But who has the time to keep track of everything they consume in this busy world? This is where the calorie counter app comes in. The app takes some of your pressure and performs the appropriate tasks. Check out the list of the best calorie counter apps out there to make your life a little easier while you’re busy distracting from those delicious hazelnut brownies.

The best calorie counter app for iOS and Android 

  1. MyFitnessPal 

 2.SparkPeople Calorie Tracker 

  1. Cron-o-Meter diet tracker 
  2. FatSecret 
  3. Fitbit 
  4. Life 
  5. Yagio
  6. MyFitnessPal 

 One of the most popular calorie counter apps on the market, this solution tracks your weight and provides  daily recommended calories. With a well-designed exercise  and diet diary, this app also shows how many calories a person has burned. The app also provides the ability to include data in your workout log in sync with your current fitness device. 

 add on 

 Track your progress towards your fitness goals 

 Provides a chat forum with other users.  The forum contains recipes, talks, tips and success stories 

 Daily food consumption is displayed as a pie chart (showing a breakdown of protein, carbohydrates, and fat). 

 A diary that records your feelings about your daily diet. 

 Equipped with a barcode scanner that can instantly input nutritional data for packaged foods. advantage 

 This app provides a free version for  users to have a simple experience. 

 Own a huge database of food options 

 Download the recipe from the internet to get a calorie quote. An option to “quickly add” calories when you don’t have time to add details to your diet. Disadvantages 

 Some features are only accessible in the very expensive premium version, which costs $ 49.99 a year. Other users upload most  foods, so the calorie count may not be completely accurate. 

 The size of the parts in the database is difficult to edit and will fail, especially if the parts are larger or smaller than the ones listed.

2.SparkPeople Calorie Tracker 

SparkPeopleCalorie Tracker is a free application for  Android and iOS devices. This allows  users to manually enter  food calorie data or use the device’s camera to scan the item’s barcode. This app is a great choice for food hipsters who want to try something new every day. 

 add on 

Track fitness attributes such as strength and aerobic exercise. It includes contacts, sets, and weights, which ultimately makes the tracking process much easier. 

 Apps aren’t just software for losing weight. Instead, simplify meal planning  by incorporating goals into your  custom meal plan. 

 Scan foods through a barcode system and calculate nutrition and calorie data. 

 The app has a built-in simple calorie calculator-track all  relevant details. advantage 

 It is made up of a great community dedicated to supporting you on your fitness journey. 

 This solution is available on both  iPhone and Apple Watch. Having a huge database makes it more likely that you will understand unusual meals 

 Synchronize your data with MapMyFitness, Fitbit, Garmin, Runkeeper and  Apple Healthkit. Disadvantages 

  SparkPeople Calorie Tracker freezes and crashes on older iOS devices. 

 A detailed food calorie chart is available with a $ 4.99 / month (a little more expensive) subscription.

  1. Cron-o-Meter diet tracker  

 The Chronometer Calorie Counter app is available on both  Android and iPhone devices. With this software, you can track your exercise, weight, and most importantly, your diet routine. People who are breastfeeding or pregnant can choose their individual profile based on the calories they need. 

 add on 

 Use a robust database to record and track your diet and exercise consumption. This app is also known for tracking water usage. Log a person’s basal metabolic rate (BMR), body mass index (BMI), body fat, and activity level. Integrate with various activity trackers such as Garmin, Polar and  Biosense Ketone Breath Monitor. 

 The app syncs with your Apple Watch to retrieve data from your Apple Health software. advantage 

 The website is free to use and is based on an accurate database.  Regardless of the diet you follow (vegan, keto, pareo, or  custom plan), the app will cover you. Track all micronutrients. H. Minerals, vitamins, fats and 79 other ingredients. 

 Provides privacy. H. We do not sell information to third parties. Disadvantages 

 Do not divide the meal diary into meals. 

 You can add only homemade recipes to your website, not just mobile applications. There is no user social community 

 The website is free, but the app costs at least $ 2.99.

  1. FatSecret 

Fatsecret is a free calorie counting application. The app is fast, easy to use and includes integration with  robust external services and tools to help you succeed in your diet plan. The app’s home screen shows your total calorie intake and a breakdown of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in each meal. 

A comprehensive food database that includes food from restaurants and supermarkets. Provides a diary to keep track of your daily progress 

Equipped with a diet calendar that displays all the calories burned. 

Equipped with detailed reports and goal tracking for tracking all  calories and macros. 

Image recognition of  foods, foods and products for better insights. 

It provides a monthly summary view showing your total daily  calorie consumption and total average. advantage 

Food information sent by other app users will be highlighted for review by other users. The Fatsecret website is full of tips and information, as well as articles on a variety of topics. 

It has a chat community where  app users can share best practices, recipes, and health tips. Disadvantages 

The app interface  is very  confusing and cluttered. 

Check out the  Android and iOS links here.


  1. Fitbit 

 Founded in 2007, Fitbit Inc. sells smartwatches, wearable fitness trackers and other  accessories. In addition to being a calorie counter application, it performs a variety of other functions such as: B. Step count, heart count, exercise tracking. The main reason for this app on the list of the best calorie counter apps is over 10 million installations and pairing with  wearable devices. add on 

 A free application for tracking your daily progress over time. 

 Offers nutrition programs, free training, sleep tools, meditation tracks and  more 

 Access  innovative smartwatch applications and fresh watch faces. 

 Relies on  barcode scanning to track daily usage. 

 It features a calorie counter, fat checker, water consumption tracker and  more. advantage 

 Over 10 million installs confirm  app popularity 

 Synchronize your data with over 3000 popular partner applications.  Users can set goals and celebrate milestones. 

 Connect with your friends and become part of an exciting community. Disadvantages 

 This app requires the user to enter their real name when logging in. 

 There are no foods that match the database (only custom foods can be added).

  1. Total life 

 Whether it’s nutrition planning, macro calculators, nutrition records, calorie counting, or a list of health recipes, the Swedish company Lifesum AB’s app has it all. Live a healthy and balanced life with  Lifesum. This app consists of the best diet plans for all types of diets, including keto, pareo, fasting, sugar-free, or customized plans. 

 add on 

 Intuitive meal diary, nutrition advice, macro calculator. Application barcode scanner and secure login options. The macro calculator helps you keep track of your daily diet, macros, and calories. 

 Food Planner offers easy-to-cook, healthy recipes for a variety of diet plans. advantage 

 All available units 

 Validated by Lifesum category in calorie counting 

 It has a great UX and supports 11 different languages. 

 With  iOS 13 devices, users can easily switch to  dark themes. Disadvantages 

 The app does not offer a free basic plan.

  1. Yagio 

Yazio is a German product and occupies a special place in the list of calorie counting applications. Whether it’s your goal of losing weight or maintaining healthy habits, Yazio does it all. According to the App Store, about 6 million people have achieved their fitness goals with this calorie counter app. Check out the exciting features for more information- 

 Add on 

A personal plan to lose weight and build muscle. Make meals, enter new foods, and mark your favorites. 

It has a calorie table containing over 2 million foods. 

Track  sports, activities and exercises. advantage 

Beautiful design, easy-to-use application 

We offer a pedometer as a bonus version. Disadvantages 

The app does not work on  older versions of the phone 

All cooking recipes entered by the user typically access a public database.

Takeaway message 

When it comes to health, it’s important to know how many calories you’re consuming. You’ve already experienced some of the best uses out there, so you can go ahead and burn extra calories without worrying about it. 

What are you waiting for? Install some of the above apps  and see which one suits your personality. 

Contact us requirements to get an estimate of the cost of creating acalorie tracker app. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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