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Best Fasting Apps 2022

Best 5 apps for intermittent fasting in 2022

By properly following this regimen, you can lower your weight, improve your focus, boost your metabolism, reduce inflammation, and get a lot of other benefits. But nothing worthwhile comes easily, as the proverb says.

You can therefore choose from a variety of options to suit your interests once you’ve decided to follow this programme.

  • Switching between fasting days
  • The Warrior’s Diet (Eat-Stop-Eat)
  • 16:8 Diet (Starving for 16 hours, then taking an 8-hour break before eating.)

Omninos has created a list of applications for intermittent fasting to make things easier and can help you swiftly reach your health goals..

Top 5 Intermittent Fasting Apps:


  1. Fastient 
  2. Vora

 4  FastHabit

 5  DoFasting 

BodyFast: 4.8 out of 5 stars

BodyFast is the best tool you can use to develop new, healthy habits. Both rookie and experienced fasters can use the software to create a customized fasting strategy for each week. Intermittent fasting is the best method for shedding pounds. It helps to strengthen the immune system while the body starts the cleansing process.

Appealing Features

  • Each week, BodyFast Coach gives a new plan from its 10+ fasting tactics, such as 5-2 or 16-8.
  • Fasting timer to aid in weekly preparation.
  • Reminding users to drink water with the use of a water tracker
  • Weekly physical activity, personalized health challenges, and more than 50 distinct fasting options are available.
  • A wealth of knowledge for the hungry
  • Several notification choices, no advertisements

(2) Fastient

4.5 stars for Android.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on iOS

Throughout, prior to, and after the fast, users’ progress is graphically shown by the user-friendly programme Fstient. The uncluttered home page, writing options, and daily success tracking tools make this software a go-to. By adjusting the fasting schedule’s start and end periods, one can more quickly achieve their health goals.

Appealing Features

  • Outstandingly designed Progress Bar
  • View the weight loss graph between feeding and fasting.
  • Timings for your fast should be precise.
  • Include your immediate end goal.
  • option to renounce the fast depending on circumstances
  • In a journal, note your emotions and urges.
  • You can import your previous fasting objectives using CSV files.
  1. Vora

 Android: 3.5 stars;

 iOS: 4.2 stars.

Vora, a cloud-based fasting tracker app, provides all the required functions, including fast-tracking, goal times, weight loss progress, etc. But the one thing that gives this programme a definite advantage is the support of the community. After all, the presence of a supportive community frequently plays a crucial facilitating role.

Appealing Features

  • Create, alter, or eliminate your Fasts.
  • Check out the graph of the previous seven fasts.
  • supports a variety of fasting plans, such as 1.
  • Alternate-Day Fasting
  • Daniel Fast 3.
  • 4. Partial Rapid
  • 5. Three Day Detox
  • DR Fast 6. Fung, Jason

… and a lot more.

Fast Tracker 

4.8 out of 5 stars for FastHabit on Android and iOS

You should use FastHabit if you regularly fast for the same number of hours each day. The Guardian, GQ, and Fast Company have all written about it. In addition, you can adjust the fast window to your preferences.

With a comprehensive feature set that includes fast length, a daily journal, a weight tracker, a reminder, a calendar view, and much more, the app helps you get started with your intermittent fasting regimen. In order to encourage you to keep the schedule, it also provides a 10-day archive view option.

Appealing Features:

  • Fast Tracker is Simple and Modular
  • A list of the 10 days’ worth of fasts is available.
  • daily reminders for the start and finish of the day
  • Keep a weight log and keep an eye on any weight decrease.
  • Check the situation once a week and once a month.
  • Include an instruction book
  • You can export data about your fasting.

Finishing up!

Intermittent fasting has additional advantages including a higher metabolism and a lower risk of heart disease. In today’s culture, where it would be difficult to observe complete fasting, the strategy is common. This digital age has given rise to apps for everything, from flower delivery and IF tracking. Whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone, there are a tonne of well-known intermittent fasting apps available to provide you with the necessary support from Omninos Solutions. To make it simple for you to keep track of your IF activities, we’ve put together a list of the top IF applications below. We suggest that you download a couple of them, examine how they function, and choose the one that most closely matches your personality.


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