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Best Period Tracker Apps For Free

Best Period Tracker Apps Free

A period tracking tool makes it easier to trace the development of your cycle throughout the month. It helps in keeping an eye on symptoms and feelings to get greater understanding. We have compiled a list of the top period tracking apps currently available. Therefore, keep scrolling to learn when to visit your preferred store for snacks and napkins.

Best Apps for Period Tracking

Date Calendar

Watch your menstrual cycle and your likelihood of getting pregnant. Your prospective ovulation date and fertile window are given in great detail. It aids a woman in both conception and birth control. In either case, whether you have a regular or erratic cycle, Period Tracker is quite helpful. With your diary, you can easily keep track of your BMI, cervical mucus, weight, temperature, sexual activity, moods, or symptoms. It will eventually assist you in maintaining your health and fitness.

Customizable pill and period reminders.

It aids in predicting the timing of menstrual cycles.

Each day, check your chances of getting pregnant.

Find the signs of pregnancy.

Graph of body temperature to predict ovulation.

a lively forum for the discussion of many subjects.

Integrate Google Account for data backup and restoration.

Flo Period Tracker

It is a password-protected programme for keeping track of your periods that withholds even the most fundamental details about your cycle from your loved ones unless you directly tell them. About 10 million women have used the app to help them conceive, and it has been highlighted in publications including Glamor, Vogue, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, The Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian.

Monitor your menstrual cycle and PMS.

View the fertile days and flow intensity with the app.

when conception is most likely to occur

Examine your fertility, menstrual cycle, and current period.

Record the results of the ovulation test, whether they are positive or negative.

Track the basal temperature using the calendar.

Avatar Tracker

The adorable app offers a tonne of features, such as a daily Cycloscope, a predicting feature akin to a horoscope depending on where you are in the cycle. Additionally, it offers daily sex quizzes and a forum for talking about problems like uncomfortable cramps.

a free period tracker with dating, sex, and love advice.

Charts let you view your health information and PMS symptoms.

uses stunning charts to predict your ovulation and reproductive cycle.

At any time of day or even night, logging is quick and simple.

Deliver knowledge, cycle horizons, and intriguing health themes.

Take advice from the ladies who have gone before you.

Period Journal

Free period tracker Period Diary also serves as a general indicator of female health and fertility. The app includes all the essential features, such as tracking menstruation or taking medications to prevent pregnancy. The app gives you total control over the cycle and is password-protected.

has 20 moods and more than 30 PMS symptoms.

Post all of your doodles and notes on the calendar.

Offer window and fertility alerts

Connect to your phone for improved functionality.

Calculate your fertility, menstruation, and ovulation.


The idea of recording periods may seem frightening if you are unfamiliar with these menstrual flows. Because MagicGirl was created with teenagers in mind, the learning process is rather simple. The software has a vibrant appearance and a rich feature set designed to attract teenagers. Adults are drawn to the latter as well.

Learn about hygiene items quickly.

Ask other females for period guidance in conversation.

The app is jam-packed with videos and FAQs for deeper insights.

Identify the menstrual cycle’s start and end dates.

Look up previous menstrual cycles and pregnancy records.

It provides a note-taking journal in addition to the password lock.


Your reproductive health will no longer surprise you or give you strange feelings. Cycles is an incredibly customised period tracker software that even informs your spouse. Your significant other will be informed of all your odd appetites and mood swings in this way.

simple drawings and calming hues.

  • Utilize a cyclic view to quickly and easily track your monthly cycle.
  • Determine your most fertile days to aid in conception.
  • For more privacy, use FaceID or an optional passcode.
  • Inform your lover in privacy about your period.
  • Get personalized predictions about your body’s future changes.


The usage of period tracking apps can assist track a person’s menstrual cycle and predict periods and fertile times. Numerous of these apps also let users log other details like menstrual symptoms and sexual activity.

Period trackers can be helpful in identifying trends and any irregularities in the menstrual cycle. They are helpful for those who want to plan or avoid getting pregnant.

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