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Blockchain Certification Training Course

Blockchain Certification Training Course

This Blockchain Certification Training Course provides an understanding of the blockchain platforms Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Multichain. You’ll also learn how to create Blockchain apps using tools like Truffle, Ganache, Geth, and Meta Mask. Learn how to set up a private blockchain network using Hyperledger Composer and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum in this Blockchain Certification Training Course.

As a result of this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits, procedures, and structures of Blockchain technology. In addition, you’ll learn how to set up a Blockchain network, how to use it in real-world applications, and much more.

  • Instructor-led training and certification programme with a 32-hour duration
  • After that, 24 hours of Bootcamps will be spread out over the next 12 months.
  • Attend as many batches as you want for the next year from the time you enroll, and you won’t have to pay anything extra.


  • Experts in the field with a minimum of ten years of experience
  • Our training partners choose them with care, and they’ve been acknowledged for their efforts by a number of organizations throughout the years.
  • I’ve been invited to speak at over 100 Blockchain Certification Training Course Classes as a keynote speaker.
  • Have given over 500 talks and are currently employed by Henry Harvin Blockchain Academy as domain experts.

Those interested in taking the Blockchain course can find more information on the course here. You may learn about the Blockchain course, its duration, fee structure, eligibility, admission process, names of the institutions that provide it, employment options after completing it, and wage structure here. You’ve probably heard about Blockchain if you’re interested in banking, finance, or cryptocurrency. The bitcoin network is recorded using blockchain technology. The terms “block” and “chain” refer to digital information and databases, respectively. Digital data is kept in a public database on Blockchain.

Block: It holds information such as when and by whom a transaction is completed. It also keeps track of how much money was exchanged. It saves a unique digital name rather than one’s conventional name. Blocks are used to store information that is distinct from one another. A hash is a unique code assigned to each block. Each block also has a unique nonce. A single bitcoin blockchain block can store up to 1 MB of data, which translates to a thousand transactions.

Miners assist in the creation of new blocks. Every block has its own hash, but the previous block in the chain is also referenced. As a result, making a new block isn’t straightforward. To generate an acceptable hash, miners employ software to generate a unique nonce. There are over four billion nonce-hash combinations, though. As a result, finding the appropriate nonce is difficult. Changing a block is a difficult task. If you want to edit a certain block, you must also change the rest of the blocks that come after it.

Nodes: Blockchain relies heavily on decentralization. A chain cannot be owned by a machine or a human. A node is an electrical device that keeps track of Blockchain transactions and keeps the network running.

Key Features

Our Blockchain Training and Certification course in Chandigarh, India, teaches professionals to the concept of blockchain and the many types of cryptocurrency. Professionals will be able to handle their organization’s Blockchain requirements with the help of projects and hands-on expertise in Blockchain technology. Because of the great development potential of the Blockchain business, certified Blockchain specialists are in high demand.

  • In Chandigarh, India, a two-day interactive instructor-led online classroom or group training is available.
  • Subject-matter specialists created the course study materials.
  • Mock Tests to help you prepare the best way possible
  • Blockchain Trainers that are highly qualified and have a lot of expertise
  • Certificate of Completion End-to-end support by phone, mail, and chat
  • Get 16 CPE Certificates and learn about best practices and case studies in the industry.
  • The Blockchain Course was developed in accordance with international standards.

Is Blockchain unique in any way?

The main distinction is the manner in which data is saved utilizing blockchain technology. Because of its high level of safety, security, and transparency, blockchain has grown in popularity. Blockchain offers so many benefits in terms of storing large amounts of data that worldwide corporations, including governments, are heavily investing in it.

When it comes to data storage and databases, transparency and security have long been major concerns.

What would your learning experience be like at the Blockchain Training in Mohali

You’ll meet one of the greatest teachers, highly experienced industry specialists, and peers from all around the world at ImaginXP. Cases from finance, healthcare, supply chain management, and other fields will be used in the case-based approach.

  • Here are some major takeaways from your blockchain training¬† in mohali
  • Fundamentals of the Blockchain
  • The blockchain and the main application
  • The Crypto Network and Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain Technology in Existing Businesses: A Strategic Approach
  • Regulatory and Policy Considerations of Blockchain Technology Privacy and Risks in Using Blockchain Technology Entrepreneurial Ventures Using Blockchain Technology
  • Business Applications and Blockchain: Next-Generation Technology and the Blockchain Shift

About Blockchain Technology and Applications

¬†According to Top Survey, BlockChain Technology is the “coming next big thing,” as it is desired by many freshers and seasoned professionals, and it is a highly compensated skill in all of the top industries.

This is a fundamental course on the blockchain; now you’ll gain a high-level overview of the advanced breadth of this technology known as the blockchain. You’ll learn about the underlying technology, as well as the distributed ledgers that this technology supports, before moving on to the token economies that may be constructed on top of that ledger system. You’ll also discover the fundamentals of blockchain as a technology. You’ll also learn about blockchain technology’s past, present, and future.

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