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Bolt Clone

Why Is A Bolt Clone Required For Taxi App Development?

Today, the taxi booking business carves a unique path for success in the online industry. This encourages business minds to invest in this lucrative field. They have a business idea and are ready to launch their endeavor, but they require helpful tools that are a good fit for their venture. Here is a solution for them: Bolt clone. It enables new-age entrepreneurs to earn a substantial amount of money through this interactive site.

Our Bolt clone connects passengers and drivers effortlessly to connected networks and enables company owners to launch their operations immediately. It includes an intuitive mobile app and a responsive online app for hassle-free business management. A completely customized taxi booking script enables you to integrate any of the creative enterprises that assist you in building an enticing taxi booking platform.

The Advantages Of Bolt Clone In A Taxi Booking Business

1.Make A Reservation

The rider can book the ride with the fullest transparency by checking the basic trip requirements and safety standards listed.

  1. Option for Multiple Vehicles

Taking mobility trends into consideration, the script contains several vehicle options. Thus, drivers can add several vehicles to the script, such as a motorcycle, a boat, or an ambulance.

  1. Numerous currencies

Our Taxi Clone App supports several currencies, allowing riders to pay in their native currency. It will assist the owner of this product in expanding their business on a global scale.

  1. Ride Scheduling

The user can arrange the transport in advance by picking a date and time that is convenient for them to receive the ride at their doorstep.

5.Manual Reservations

Without an app, the rider can book the taxi directly through a phone call. Our taxi booking software supports both real-time app booking and manual booking in order to attract more customers.

  1. SOS

To enhance riders’ safety, the system has enabled the “SOS – Save Our Souls” feature, which enables riders to call a contact with a simple tap in the event of an emergency.

  1. Sharing a ride

With this ride-sharing feature in our app, more than one person can share a seat on a ride. A maximum of two people who have been approved can be booked.

  1. Masking of Telephone Calls

Communicate with the driver without divulging your personal contact information. With security in mind, the system has a call masking feature that obscures the phone number.

  1. Tracking in Real Time

Riders and drivers may easily navigate themselves using the Bolt clone app’s real-time live tracking system.

  1. Admin Control Panel

The admin dashboard may track each connected user’s movement within a taxi booking app. The administrator can manually add a booking.

  1. Dashboard of the Drive

The driver dashboard assists drivers in optimizing their overall performance by providing metrics such as driver log, trip acceptance, trip number, and total earnings.

  1. Customer Reviews & Ratings

The review & rating option allows the user to provide feedback on their portal experience. Additionally, drivers have the chance to rate and review consumers in order to enhance the service.

  1. Numerous Payments

To make things easier for the rider, payment can be made online using a credit card or debit card, or offline via check or money order. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

We at Omninos Technologies are continually evolving to meet today’s needs, changes, and perceptions by introducing new clone scripts backed by sound computer architectures and technology upgrades, all of which are necessary for the Internet Economy’s growth and advancement of communication technologies. As a result, clients consider us to be the top application development company.

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