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Desktop Publishing Software Development

Desktop Publishing Software

Get extremely creative media and entertainment solutions that will help your entertainment company grow, run more efficiently, and seamlessly engage your audience.

Future-Proof Solutions for the Media and Entertainment Sector

Using AI for Solutions

Build AI-powered media and entertainment solutions that give your audience personalised media choices right when they need them in order to succeed in the global market and leave a lasting impression on them.

Solutions based on IoT

To provide your users with a completely smooth entertainment experience, create solutions that permit complete peer-to-peer connections between various devices connected via the internet.

Solutions based on AR/VR

In the digital age, people are drawn to apps that emphasise mixed reality. You may use AR/VR technology to implement the features you had intended for your solution thanks to Omninos’ expertise in the field.

Solutions for Omnichannel

A genuine omnichannel experience for your audience by leveraging personalised media and entertainment solutions that are loaded with powerful data and analytics features.

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How Is The Entertainment Industry Being Transformed by AI?

The technology that the world now admires the most is artificial intelligence. Whether we’re discussing e-commerce, logistics and transportation, or even the healthcare industry, AI has completely changed all the top business segments. What justifies the entertainment sector leaving behind? the entry of AI in entertainment!

The rise of AI in entertainment is nothing new, but it has recently been the topic of conversation for businesses and marketers. Artificial intelligence (AI) in entertainment has brought about many significant developments in the media and entertainment sector, from creating beautiful compositions to automating tedious activities and even providing VR and AR capabilities in the movies.

Top 6 AI Entertainment Use Cases

  1. Marketing and advertising using AI

Enhancing marketing and advertising efforts is the primary use of AI in the entertainment industry. One of the most important components of the media and entertainment sector today is the advertising of events and films. However, all of these marketing and advertising activities take a lot of time and a lot of human resources. Applications of AI can help with that.

  1. A Customizable User Experience

Without a question, in today’s cutthroat marketplace, personalisation has emerged as the secret to success, and the entertainment sector is no exception! Every well-known video streaming service today, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, offers customisation options. 

The most appropriate type of videos that they are interested in are suggested by sophisticated AI tools using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks after first learning from the user’s preferences. Iris TV is yet another outstanding illustration, which suggests the best user preference depending on the user’s prior selections.

  1. Utilisation of VR and AR

Today, AR and VR have evolved into unique elements for several market leaders. Virtual reality (VR) is anticipated to be the fastest-growing section in the entertainment industry, according to a survey from Global Entertainment and Media Outlook. According to the estimate, the US will utilise roughly 68 million VR headsets over the next three years, propelling the market’s expansion to almost $5 billion.

  1. Creation of Personalised Chatbots

In the media and entertainment sector, chatbots offer a number of benefits that enhance the entertainment experiences, allow businesses to engage with their audiences on a larger scale, and provide a hassle-free browsing experience.

  1. Optimisation of Search

The modern digital world is not so simple to comprehend! Consider the search engine results. Nowadays, there are so many internet resources available on a given subject that it might be difficult to identify credible ones. You could spend hours searching the internet for the precise piece of information you need.

Many of the top platforms today have improved their search results capabilities using AI-based algorithms. That means you can locate what you’re looking for right now in a matter of seconds. Once you have added some filters, you are prepared to go. Search by picture and video are two examples of this trend’s applicability.

  1. Real-time streaming

Real-time streaming is the last but not the least. Today, artificial intelligence helps the entertainment industry with content customisation and real-time transmission. As a result, AI in entertainment boosts ad sales through focused strategy and enhances user experience.

According to the most recent data, live streaming videos are expected to make up 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022. They currently make up a sizeable portion of the media and entertainment sector. Through the development of effective methods for data organisation, distribution, and encoding, artificial intelligence has the potential to play a significant role in the streaming sector.

Development of Social Media Apps: A Complete Guide

Applications for social media are increasingly a need in our daily life. People interact with others who share their attitude or skill set in order to progress, and it is not simply restricted to speaking with their established contacts. The creation of social networking apps has been successful thanks to the development of mobile technology. Nowadays, practically everyone has a smartphone and accesses a variety of social networking programmes. The forms of social networking app development started to diversify as the market increased. Each platform offers a unique collection of cutting-edge features and functionality that entice customers to use it.

Simply look at your phone and count the social networking sites you have installed to estimate the growth and demand for developing a social media app. An average user spends about 145 minutes every day on these social networking sites, according to Statista. In terms of communications, these platforms have shortened the distances throughout the globe. Do you know that the original purpose of these apps was to link users with others who shared their interests? Today, it is utilised for almost every function, including business meetings, marketing, advertising, shopping, and many more. Online classes are also used for academic or skill-based learning.

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