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Free Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Industrial training is unquestionably an important component of technical education, as it prepares students to work in the field of their choice. Many companies provide free industrial training if the candidate passes an interview session designed to assess your knowledge. Every student, whether for free or for a fee, must receive training from a reputable and dependable company.

Knowledge can be obtained in colleges, but practical experience and knowledge of the latest technologies are equally important and can only be obtained through proper training. Infosif Chandigarh, the best industrial training company in Chandigarh, also offers free industrial training.

Joining Infosif Chandigarh can help you build a rewarding career, and free training is available if you pass the interview and written test. A team of professionals and experts with years of industry experience will train you. These professionals will assist you at every stage of your training, from the fundamentals to the advanced level.

Infosif Chandigarh is consistently at the top of its field due to its updated and high-quality training programmes. You will be confident in what you have learned about working in your field after completing the training. We also provide interview opportunities to your candidates as a result of our strong relationships with leading companies.

We promise not only to provide quality training that meets industry standards and requirements, but also to assist in placements in well-known organisations.

Why Infosif?

Infosif, which was founded in 2015 by three hardworking individuals, has managed to outperform every other major firm in the competition. It Has Certainly Come A Long Way From Being A Small Company That Deployed IT Services To Its Clients In The City To Imparting IT Training Skills To Individuals From All Over North India.

While the Indian education system kept students from getting jobs, Infosif was able to close the system’s biggest gaps. While these students were struggling to find internships at reputable companies, the company single-handedly assisted them in climbing the corporate ladder.

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