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Google Podcast Apps Clone

Google Podcast Apps Clone

The Podcast is always a good idea, whether you’re driving home from work, making your way to the gym, or even doing laundry. You may access the most recent news, comedies, in-depth storytelling, and much more with this fantastic tool. In addition, you can access a tonne of other options through the Podcast, including automatic downloading, sorting by the most recent episode of your favorite programme, controlling your membership, and much more.

Almost 36% of the global population, particularly the younger generation, is said to prefer listening to podcasts over other types of audio information. Here is a graph from Statista that illustrates the popularity of the Podcast in the top countries throughout the globe.

We can see from the graph above that practically all of the world’s top nations use podcasts to obtain some incredible audio content. And it didn’t take long for the Podcast to become one of the most well-liked audio listening sources; according to statistics, only 22% of Americans used the extensive platform in 2006. But in 2019, the percentage increased to a staggering 70% thanks to improvements in accessibility and feature quality. That represents a big increase!

However, as we all know, there are many possibilities in the digital age, including podcast apps, whether you’re looking for a food item or a mobile app. While a few podcasts exist . While some podcast applications give you a great listening experience and give you access to new podcasts, other apps let you record and edit podcasts on your smartphone. Additionally, selecting one of these countless podcast apps may seem like a difficult undertaking.But since we are here, why stress? The top 10 podcast applications that are popular worldwide in 2022 are listed in this article.

The Best of All Pocket Casts: Pocket Casts

When it comes to the best podcast apps, Pocket Casts is always at the top of the list. It is a fantastic app for users of the Android and iOS operating systems who enjoy discovering new podcasts. This incredible podcast software features a beautiful user interface, bright and dark settings, practical search filtering options, and more. The software also provides you the choice to resume where you left off most recently. PocketCasts has launched its paid subscription model in the global market even though the software is available for free.


  • Increased Volume
  • Short silence
  • Different Playing Speeds ( 3X and 5X)
  • Section Navigation


Another great podcasting tool, Anchor gives users infinite hosting options. Users of iOS and Android devices can download or stream their preferred podcasts using Anchor. You may easily record your audio using this fantastic podcasting tool, and you can post it to many sites like iTunes and Google Podcast. Even better, the app lets you easily upload your preferred Podcast from any device of your choosing. It features a strong business model that enables both the app and its users to generate profit.


  • Streamlined Method for Producing Podcasts
  • Hosting Capability Without Limits
  • Audio Upload Service
  • Clear User Interface
  • Accessible through iOS and Android

DoggCatcher Podcast Player

DoggCatcher is the ideal choice if you use Android and want a podcast software that is created with Android users in mind. The “greatest podcast app” for Android users is this wonderful podcast app, which has received over 10,000 favorable reviews. Support for devices including Android Wear, Android Auto, and Chromecast is provided by the app. Additionally, DoggCatcher provides its users with the option of customisation.


  • Provides an automation facility.
  • Large Podcast Library
  • Playlist assistance
  • Playback at Different Speeds

Spotify: Music and Podcasts:

 All in One Spotify: New Music and Podcasts

Compatible with: iOS and Android

Free or $2, $4, or $7 a month for a premium.

Well, who hasn’t heard of Spotify? On the worldwide platform, it is the greatest and most widely used music streaming app in the world. Additionally, Spotify began providing podcasting services to its subscribers in 2016. When compared to other podcast apps, the platform has recently not had as many podcasts available, although this is expected to change very soon. You may, however, easily ask the app to add your favourite Podcast on their platform. That is really unique compared to other apps!


  • Podcasting App for All Platforms
  • Your favorite Podcasts are simple to list
  • Optimal Services

Google Podcast – Search everything

Podcasts on Google 12+

Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Google never backs down from their promise to astound their people. Google has everything, from virtual assistants to podcast apps. Why? All the tools and badges for your website are available here. And lastly, the greatest! The app also has AI-powered features, which are anticipated to develop in the future.


  • All Google Services are available.
  • Offers Podcasters Direct Linking
  • Design that is simple and interactive
  • Playback Management
  • Enables Google Assistance

Super Strong Podcast Addict: Podcast Addict

Most Android users’ preferred podcast app for the past few years has been Podcast Addict. It has several excellent features, but compared to the other podcast apps mentioned, the UI is a little antiquated. However, Podcast Addict never lets anyone down when it comes to working! The app has all the tools you need to have a successful streaming experience, including compatibility for Sonos and Chromecast, advanced playback features, and a sleep timer.


  • Various Discovery Methods
  • Features for Advanced Playback
  • live streaming radio
  • channel access to YouTube

Podcasts and audiobooks on Podbean

Popular podcast hosting service Podbean now has Alexa skills and provides podcast apps in addition to hosting podcasts. One of the easiest to use and navigate podcast apps, it is recognised as smooth. Perhaps for this reason, the majority of Podbean’s users have awarded it a 5-star rating. The app allows you to categorise the incredible podcasts into different groups so that users can find them easier. Additionally, it has lock screen controls, Chromecast support, and Android Auto support, all of which increase the app’s usefulness for users.


  • Provides a download and streaming facility.
  • Provides Incredible Audio Effects
  • Incorporates Amazon Alexa
  • Arranges podcasts

Unique Podcast Player: Castro 3

There is now a podcast app designed exclusively for iOS devices. In a positive way, Castro 3 is a distinctive podcasting app. Meaning that it offers its subscribers a distinct subscription model. Any show that you subscribe to instantly adds all of its episodes to a queue. Now, if you watch TV with daily episodes, that item is highly effective. So you never miss an episode when you add your favorite show to an automatic queue. Additionally, you can download any show or episode for later viewing. . Overall, Castro 3 is the ideal choice for you if you have trouble keeping up with new episodes of your favorite series.


  • Creative Library Management Techniques
  • Support for Apple Watch and iMessage
  • Daylight Savings Time
  • Access to a new episode queue
  • Any podcast is possible.

Exclusive Podcasts & Shows on Stitcher

Last but not least, we have Stitcher, a well-known cross-platform podcasting app. Now, this incredible podcast software provides a special chance to search for a specific episode rather than the entire podcast. Stitcher also enables you to search for the most recent news, make your own playlists, and listen to your favorite podcasts, just like all the other podcast applications described above. Although the app is free to use, you may upgrade to the paid version to access some of the platform’s exclusive podcasts and shows.


  • Episodes can be searched.
  • Offers Original Content
  • Has received numerous “Best of” Awards
  • Use Is Free
  • Platform-Neutral App


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