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How Can I Create A Wunderlist-Like Reminder App?

  How Can I Create A Wunderlist-Like Reminder App?

Technology has made it easier than ever to set priorities and remember important daily tasks. You may set reminders for daily tasks and effectively prioritize them using mobile apps like Wunderlist. These apps for reminders are not just for personal usage. Through these apps, you can delegate duties to your loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

With the help of the task-assignment tool Wunderlist, you can remember your to-dos and provide different jobs to your coworkers and staff. These apps are categorized as intelligent since they will create reminders on their own. These initiatives take advantage of the connectivity of our global community and are referred to as essential everyday tools. The most profitable apps on the market right now are ones like Wunderlist.

Describe the Wunderlist.

Wunderlist is a task-listing tool designed for organizations and individuals that want to complete every task on time. It is simple to use but extremely effective. It enables users to make task lists that they can manage from a computer, smartphone, tablet, or even a wristwatch. It has a user-friendly UI that is fully loaded. Users can set deadlines, sort through different chores, add more items, and most importantly, their daily calendar is displayed. A straightforward yet effective to-do app.

The UI of Wunderlist is straightforward but efficient. The assignee, due date, reminder, subtasks, assignee, attachments, and comments fields are all present on every item. Each task can also have a star added to it to indicate its priority, and you can then filter them as necessary. It enables group accounts to be synced, which is advantageous in a variety of ways. A group of workers can collaborate and share over their assigned jobs.

Here are a few advantages that Wunderlists offers:

  • Many features are available in this to-do app’s free version.
  • It offers a drag & drop interface, which many users occasionally find useful, to make every other operation simple.
  • Team members can interact and work together on various tasks in this app.
  • Users are able to create and share lists for their chores, jobs, groceries, movies, and even household items.
  • For a task, you can assign to-dos, issue reminders, and specify due dates.
  • Because of its ergonomic design, Wunderlist is adaptable enough to sync with all of your primary devices.

Features like folders, share lists, Comments, device compatibility, mail to Wunderlist, due dates, notes, notifications, tags, reminders, and one-click printing are all included in Wunderlist. An intelligent reminder app must include these elements.

This app has been retired as of May 6, 2020, and no new users will be able to download it. The Microsoft To-Do software still allows existing users to import their stuff, though.

How Would You Go About Making an App Like Wunderlist?

You currently have a project in mind, but you are unsure of the challenges involved in creating a tool like Wunderlist.

Allow us to help you with the procedure. Realizing that the concept shouldn’t be similar to those of current reminder apps is crucial. There ought to be something that will entice all of the busybodies to utilize your to-do app. Check out these essential stages for creating your app.

  1. Market analysis

The secret to every project creation is conducting rigorous market research. You must be aware of what other businesses are offering to their clients and how you can stand out and appeal to them.

A thorough market analysis will provide a variety of information, including who your rivals are, the features customers want in a reminder app, and how these applications are generating revenue. Either you or a market research team can conduct the research.

  1. Select Your Platform

The way has been made for cross-platform applications like iOS, Android, or both by programmes like Wunderlist. These programmes are currently compatible with all internet-connected devices. These compulsive workers want to always have their to-do app with them.

It should be obvious, following your market analysis, which platform would be best for your programme or which would draw in the most customers.

Although it will cost more to create a cross-platform app than a single platform one. So, make this choice in accordance with your budget.

  1. Choose Your Reminder App’s Features

Knowing which features people prefer the most should not be a difficult chore now that you have your platform and market research at your disposal. However, it makes sense to assess an MVP’s features. You must be aware of an MVP’s features in order to build a to-do app.

Any reminder software should have at the very least these features. Managing numerous profiles, app settings, push alerts, auto suggestions, wearable integration, etc. are some of these capabilities. These features ought to be regarded as standard.

You should take Wunderlist’s features into account while creating your own to-do app. All devices should be able to use features like creating folders, sharing lists, comments, one-click printing, deadlines, notes, mail to Wunderlist, Add to Wunderlist, tags, and reminders (depending on your budget).

  1. Get It Linked

Everything in the world today revolves around connections. Today’s consumers demand their devices to exchange information in addition to being able to recognise one another. Today’s technologies have made it much simpler to develop a useful app that should interact with all other pertinent apps.

Today’s user wants it all, whether it is cross-platform compatibility, connectivity with other programmes, or mail syncing. It would be beneficial if you were to keep in mind that these features are intended for end users. Pay attention to your market study and exercise caution.

The icing on the cake will be to automate it. Your reminders will be set automatically by a reminder app that is connected to your note application, calendar, and travel apps based on the information it has retrieved from these apps. Wouldn’t that be fascinating to see?

The future of these apps, like Wunderlist, lies in their intelligent and automated comprehensive features.

  1. Revenue Generation

Any entrepreneur’s next thought is likely to be how to make money from their reminder software. You can reap the benefits of significant incentives or profit in a number of ways. The ability to generate revenue will be heavily reliant on the functionality that your software offers.

You can use a variety of strategies to make money from your app. Let’s examine a few of them.

(a) A commercial

A common method of making money off of your app is through advertising. You may generate a tonne of revenue with your reminder app by marketing it in conjunction with pertinent products. The advertisements should be small and shouldn’t obstruct the app’s content.

(b)Ibeacon Technology 

In comparison to other money-making tactics, this technology is currently underutilized. But its popularity is rising quickly. You can collaborate with merchants to alert your users to various nearby stores that they might find interesting.

(C) Analytics Information

Everyone’s time is valuable, therefore you shouldn’t squander it by selling them an advertisement that has nothing to do with their interests. This is where data analytics comes into play; by knowing what your users prefer, you can tailor each ad for them.

(d)In-app Purchases 

Some popular features in your app can be locked. Users must pay to use these features. Make certain that these features are detachable.

  1. Discover a Reliable Development Partner

Your app’s design, platform, income strategy, and functionality have all been decided. It’s time to look for an app development company to work with you on your ideal project.

It’s likely that you are not knowledgeable about all the technical aspects of creating an app, such as coding and UI/UX design. Even if you are aware of these aspects, you will eventually require assistance if you want to create an application similar to Wunderlist.

In your app development company, you should keep an eye out for elements like their market reputation, the volume of completed projects, and the expertise of their app development staff.


The demand for a tool like Wunderlist is urgent. Everyone aspires to be a multitasker and succeed in their hustle. You should create an original reminder app in these circumstances. Market research done with care always pays dividends. Who knows, maybe the next Wunderlist will be your to-do app. Just choose the appropriate platform, design, and business model.

Omninos solution is a well-known name in the app development industry and has created many reminder and to-do apps. We have a group of competent engineers. Get in touch with us for more information if you want to create an app similar to Wunderlist.

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