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How much does it cost to develop a personal finance app like MoneyLion?

How much does it cost to develop a personal finance app like MoneyLion?

Consumers may earn, invest, and borrow money more effectively thanks to MoneyLions, an innovative financial platform app. Diwakar Choubey, the CEO, created the business with the goal of extending customer financial services using mobile phones. The effort is intended for the 70% of American customers, or the group with an average savings of less than $2000. The fact that 93% of investors are novices strikes me as being very noteworthy.

Because of its cutting-edge banking and investment skills, MoneyLion has gained more than 3 million users since 2013. Users can access advice and tools for achieving regular savings and enhancing credit while also getting a comprehensive picture of their financial lives with the use of a single app.

Users’ expectations have greatly increased as a result of the phenomenal growth in the number of smartphones and the fantastic improvement in the quality of services provided inside the small handheld device. Only a portion of the story is told by the astoundingly fluid panels that switch between a large number of programmes in a matter of seconds, the quickly operating aggressive apps, and the incredible transactional simplicity of nearly every daily operation. Mobile apps are now doing the most crucial management tasks for human life as a result of the users’ constant demand.How can we let manual money management take place when we are managing so many things on our mobile devices? When it came to money, it was clear to network with banks and credit cards while also dispersing the control over intricate financial planning. Thanks to apps like MoneyLion, Venmo, Mint, GoodBudget, and Wally, IT has thankfully developed effective solutions for improving financial management. The functions and expenses of creating an app like MoneyLion will be covered in this post.

Loans: This is how MoneyLion makes money.

Loan activity is Moneyline’s primary source of income.– The company has created more than 200000 loans, according to the website, and its mobile app has reached more than 2.2 million users. According to the most recent information we have, the company has 3 million subscribers.

Fast Loans: The MoneyLion personal financial software offers more than simply tools for budgeting, saving, and managing credit. Low-cost lending and investment services helped it become more well-known. Without a credit check, it offers loans up to $550 at a rate of 5.99 percent annually.

Service subscriptions for MoneyLion Plus:

MoneyLion Plus, which was introduced at the end of 2017, combines the user’s checking, lending, and investing accounts into a single subscription-based membership. In accordance with this membership plan, MoneyLion automatically deducts $79 every month from the consumer’s account, of which $29 is used to pay for the service and $50 is transferred into investment accounts. What makes this interesting for users is that they receive $1 for logging in each day. This implies that consumers effectively receive the service for free if they remember to log in every day.

Affiliate marketing: Lead generating business increases revenue while allowing MoneyLion’s devoted consumers to take advantage of other financial services.

Launched recently: An app like MoneyLion cannot delay in offering distinctive services to its users. The first health tracker for money in the business, financial heartbeat, makes it easier to comprehend financial wellbeing on mobile devices. To raise the scores, the app incorporates five important financial pillars.

  • Measure the user’s real-time savings and investments.
  • Spend: Provides financial planning-level guidance.
  • Shield: Displays the level of protection for the user.
  • Score: Monitoring and guidance for improving credit scores.

Promote consumers to develop wholesome financial habits on a daily basis.

Credit card monitoring: The best option for credit monitoring must be a personal finance app that includes vital functions like credit reports, credit utilization, and on-time payments. The customer is provided with a straightforward interface for entering their information in order to access the free credit monitoring services. The customer ought to have the ability to raise their credit score. Additionally, you can offer credit monitoring push notifications.

Personalized money management advice: You can provide your app’s customers individualized money management advice. Users of the app are required to link their bank accounts, where the specific spending habits are examined and prepared for the money management advice.

How Omninos may aid in your development MoneyLion-like software

By creating a fantastic app that can remove barriers, Omninos can assist you. You can consult the business analyst there to learn the price of the app development process from a reputable company like Omninos. After speaking with the team of business analysts at Omninos, we have provided a straightforward suggestion below. The group compiled a list with the following key characteristics:

A company like Omninos invests a lot of time in the planning stage by analyzing your needs. The requirement list, which the business analyst team alone suggests, determines the cost of development. You can send the company’s executive an email with your requests, and they will get in touch with you.

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