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How to Create a Home Workout App like Beachbody On Demand?

How to Create a Home Workout App like Beachbody On Demand?

The global market for workout apps is anticipated to reach $14.56 billion in value by 2025, according to a report from Global Laboratory Management Systems. According to these figures, the development of your dream home fitness app can succeed in the upcoming years, therefore yes, now is a great moment to get started.

The global revenue generated by these fitness applications and wearables is predicted to reach an estimated $3,256.8 million by the year 2023, according to a different analysis from an American statistics organization. However, fitness wearables will account for the lion’s share of the $16,855.7 million in revenue during the same time period.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the entire planet has been under quarantine since 2020, and the offline fitness sector has suffered as a result. Due to restrictions put in place by the government, people are not permitted to exercise in parks, fitness centres, or other public areas. People are using various fitness apps, like Beachbody, to keep up their fitness and hit their daily calorie burn goal.

Since the pandemic’s spread, usage of online fitness applications has increased steadily. People are starting to embrace this idea since it gives them the freedom to improve their health using these apps while relaxing in their own homes. In the upcoming years, there will be an increase in the need for home workout applications, therefore now is the perfect time to include your fitness app like Beachbody on that list.

How does Beachbody on Demand operate?

Beachbody on demand is a well-known online fitness programme featuring a large selection of streaming online workout videos. This software offers access to 62+ workout routines, diet plans, and a number of other features. Every tutorial that was previously released as well as any new releases or upcoming videos that are soon to stream are all included in this library of at-home fitness tutorials. You may stream any video on this at-home workout app as many times as you want if you have the premium subscription, which gives you unlimited access to all of the content. As long as you are not enrolled in the app, you are also free to view the movie on whatever device you choose.

Mobile is truly defined by a fitness app like Beachbody on Demand. The video tutorials can be streamed on a laptop, TV, tablet, or smartphone. However, the most appealing feature of Beachbody is the digital books that come with each tutorial. This manual offers a food plan, if desired, as well as other ideas and techniques to help users get the most out of their workouts. It also assists users in setting their fitness goals. Once more, you can use these services only if you pay a monthly fee.

Developing Beachbody’s Home Workout App

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Beachbody favors a simple operational procedure. Users can access the platform’s subscription-based services from anywhere and broadcast the tutorials online. When a user signs up as a paying member, they can immediately begin exercising.

1.Programs and tutorials-

 This software for at-home exercise offers a variety of routines, including yoga, muscle strengthening, cardio, dancing, etc. The user receives a guidebook outlining all the application-specific questions, and they are able to sort these programmes by time, fitness level, and trainer.

2.Filter for Workout Programs-

 When a user clicks on the programme of their choosing, they are taken to the manual where they can filter the list of programmes available until they find the one they want. The programmes are categorized into categories such as beginner, intermediate, and expert depending on the level of fitness experience a user has. Users can filter the programme types using a number of criteria.


Weights are necessary for core exercises, and Beachbody has both programmes that call for equipment and programmes that don’t. Before you begin the training, you will be given a list of prerequisites for the programmes you have chosen. Yoga mats and resistance bands are common in all of the programmes, while the equipment requirements vary depending on the tutorial.

4.Streaming gadgets-

 On a variety of electronic devices, including a PC or laptop, an iPhone, an iPad, an Android device, a Roku, an Amazon Fire TV, and an Apple TV, you may access the Beachbody workout instructions. With this app, you have the flexibility to access your workout from any location and on any device.

5.Monitoring and Outcomes- 

In the My Account portion of the app, users may keep tabs on how their workout is going. This app counts the amount of workouts you’ve completed since signing up for it as well as your weekly exercise session. Various tutorials also include calendars and workout materials to assist users get the most out of their workouts.

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Features of a Beachbody on Demand-like App

If you’re considering creating your own at-home fitness app, you should think about the key elements offered by programmes like Beachbody. The popularity of your at-home workout app is significantly influenced by its features. Depending on the caliber and usefulness of these features, users can enjoy using their app. Let’s look at these fundamental elements that are available in different fitness apps.

1.Feed News

Users can post, remark, reply, and encourage other fitness fanatics with the use of this function. Your app needs to offer a feed that group members may access as well as other users. The app’s users should be able to monitor and share actions.

Make sure that every user can access this feed and that it functions on all devices.

  1. Meal Monitoring

Meal monitoring is a necessary element for these apps because diet is a crucial component of exercise. The user ought to be able to keep track of his or her food intake. By including the filters to monitor intake either by the nutrients or by items on a plate, you may tailor this feature. The ability for users to monitor their daily

3.Tab for home

The user may access whatever they need from the home tab. All the other functionalities will connect to this feature. Users may pick up where they left off in their current programme, read through all the groups that are active, access log activities using shortcuts, and begin working out right immediately.

4.Functionality of Search

Users will always require a search button, regardless of how many shortcuts your programme has. Users will be able to access categories including programmes, workout videos, and recipes thanks to this addition. Users can further narrow their search using additional filters.

5.Tab Progress

A pane that lets consumers monitor their progress ought to be present. The users will be able to view their goals thanks to this functionality.

6.Video Live

The home workout software should be able to play live workout videos on the user’s smartphone because the majority of tutorials are play along with styles. If your app has a coach’s area, they should broadcast live to the participants and groups they are assigned to. Users should be able to respond and communicate with the coaches in real-time through a live-interaction component of this functionality.

7.Categories of Programs

The level of fitness varies among users. Some might be experts, while others might be newbies. You should provide them with a feature that enables users to find the appropriate software depending on their level and kind in order to facilitate both of them. Filters like most popular, slim and sculpted, nutrition, no-equipment-required, weight reduction, strength & muscle, cardio, yoga, dancing, Short Workouts, rest & recuperation, and low impact should be included in categories.


Only a personalized diet based on the training requirements will provide the desired outcomes from the workout to the body. To enable users to access recipes inside the nutrition plans of your app and prepare wholesome meals, your home workout app ought to offer a recipe component.

Process of Making an App Like Beachbody on Demand

You have all the necessary components that need to be built into your at-home exercise software. Now that you have established your aim, you can begin the development process. Usually, the first step is to do market research and find out who your competitors are. Discuss your team’s financial plans and marketing tactics, and come up with ideas that will set your app apart from the competition.

1.Technologies to think about

Selecting the technologies you want to consider integrating into your app is the first step in the development process for your at-home workout. The technology you use will depend on how well your app works and what features you want to offer. It’s feasible that each feature will demand integration with a third party.

There are many web-based technologies that you can use for your project, but the integrations listed below include short descriptions in case you decide to use one to create a home workout software.

Android’s Google Location API and iOS’s Core Location: This integration aids in adding geolocation capabilities to your app. Your app might need to access location for a variety of reasons, and you may do so on iOS or Android by using this integration.

MapKit for iOS and Android from Google Maps: Consider this connection if your fitness software offers the user a safe and well-planned path for jogging or running. You can use this to design routes in your fitness app.

Google Places API: Users of your app could want some exercise gear and food items for meal prep. You can use this integration to direct people to certain businesses or locations. Your app would benefit from this connection by showing the locations.

Using Twilio Communications, notifications can be delivered to app users via a short message service. This functionality can assist in attracting people back to your platform who have been absent for some time.

Apple Pay, Stripe, and PayPal’s SDK: These services enable your customer to pay easily through your app and are payment integrations. The relaxing experience you wish to provide to your consumers is enhanced by an integrated payment gateway.

On the internet, there are numerous other APIs and integrations that you can obtain based on your needs. Depending on the platform you want to launch the app on, you should take these languages into consideration for the front-end and back-end development of the app.

You can utilize HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS, and Vue.js for web development on the front-end side, the user’s side. Use Kotlin and Swift for iOS app development when creating android apps.

The back-end of your software is the portion that is server-side. You can utilize PHP, Python (Django, Flask), Ruby, Phoenix (Elixir Framework), and Python (Laravel, CodeIgniter). Although your software can run on a web server with a Nginx web server, there are several well-liked alternatives such as.

2.Your home fitness app can earn money.

Three of the current most well-liked business models might be used to make money from your software, just like Beachbody does.

3.Free App

According to this model, consumers must first pay a subscription fee in order to access your software. The payments may be regular or one-time-only, or they may be made on schedule. Make sure that these subscriptions’ costs correspond to the features included in the package. You can continue with this strategy if your at-home workout app has certain distinctive features.

4.App Store Purchases

The in-app purchase concept is another well-liked business strategy. Users can buy any additional add-on to their programmes and subscriptions using this. When users want to upgrade their plans, you can charge them in.


The most successful business concept is this one. Users can access a particular section of your programme for free using this approach, but they must pay to use the section or feature after that. You must offer consumers incentives to pay with extra information, exercises, opulent services, and much more.

6.Needs of the Team

You will need to either employ a freelance developer or a mobile app development company to help you finish your project in order to facilitate the home exercise creation process. This method will heavily depend on your budget, therefore you should go through it in detail. However, a home workout app’s minimal development team should include one QA, two engineers, one project manager, and a back-end developer, an iOS developer, an Android developer, and one UI/UX designer.


Development of home workouts might occasionally be challenging due to the additional functionalities. However, if you make sure that your project has popular features that will benefit the consumers, your app may be successful. People might be allowed to alter their exercise regimens however they see fit in order to suit their own requirements.

The industry for home workout apps is now in a favorable situation. Your app will be a success if it can in any way assist in changing the user’s fitness path. You can get assistance from Omninos solution with the creation of a home workout application. We have produced a number of fitness apps with excellent features. Our engineers have a lot of experience with on-demand mobile applications. Let’s speak further when we get in touch!

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