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How To Develop A Song Finder App Like Shazam

How To Develop A Song Finder App Like Shazam

I got it.While there are other web programmes similar to Shazam, none are as effective at identifying songs based on only a few suggestions. You may be perplexed by the 400+ million population after glancing at the facts.annual users, and download totals far above the 1 billion mark. And they continue to increase.

Because most individuals view music as an inevitable aspect of their lives, Shazam is so widely used. And if you have a song that you love and that makes your heart hurt, you want to listen to it, keep it, and hum it for as long as you can. Shazam’s popularity is due to a number of additional factors, including its beautiful design, useful functionality, and other characteristics.This concept is not novel if you look at the development of song-recognition software. Numerous businesses have made an effort to complete this task, but Shazam has been more successful.

Shazam: An Introduction

In 2002, the song-recognizer programme Shazam was introduced. It was first exclusively released in the UK and was well known as “2580.” Users might recognise songs by calling the number 2580. 30 seconds into the call, the call would immediately end. The music title and artist name will be sent to the user along with the outcome. Later, they started adding links to the SMS so that users could download the songs they were looking for.On July 10, 2008, Shazam was made available in the Apple Store. Then, users could search for songs on the app, download them, or purchase them via iTunes. In the beginning, it had trouble identifying classic music. The app was bought by Apple Inc. in 2017 for an enormous $400 million sum. The ability to stream the music on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, and Google Play Music has since been added, along with a number of other new features. It claimed that they have been used to find five billion music, commercials, and TV programmes by the month of August 2012. Additionally, it stated that the corporation had 226 million users in 200 different countries.Shazam takes an audio sample of the currently playing track using the device’s built-in microphones. It then compares the fingerprints left behind by the audio to its database, which already contains over 11 million songs and is constantly growing.

The Lyrics Don’t Go Far Enough

When you initially start to wonder how apps like Shazam operate, it appears quite simple—they merely listen to the songs, compare them to a database, and then give you the results. However, it is a little bit more intricate than that.It’s not quite that easy, though. We are aware that these songs-identifiers assess each song using an audio fingerprint; let’s learn more about this technique.

The Signature Of A Song

There is a distinct fingerprint present in every single recording, just like the technological devices that use fingerprint technology for security purposes. Shazam or a similar app records the audio when we search for a song, tries to identify the fingerprint of the audio, and compares that to a song in its database. These programmes struggle to search through millions of audio tracks in the song library due to a number of issues. Background sounds during audio recording and microphone distortions are the main causes of delays or inaccurate matches. With a 3D chart or spectrogram, which represents a change in frequencies over a specific period of time, you can see the specifics of an audio fingerprint.By examining the frequency, people can distinguish between distinct sounds. Similarly, unless a sound is at a specific frequency, apps like Shazam cannot identify it. These apps extract the audio clip’s “peaks,” or the parts with the maximum energy. The fingerprint that contained these high peaks within a certain time period was matched to those in the database. Your search result will then be the fingerprint that matched.By using this method of matching the peaks in an audio fingerprint to their database, they can remove the majority of the undesirable elements from an audio clip search, including background noise and device-induced distortions.

Feature Requirements For A Shazam-like App

These characteristics must be incorporated into your project if you intend to create an app similar to Shazam. It should be obvious that the software can identify music since it is a song finder. The solutions developed by Gracenote or EchoNest API can be used; they are not difficult.

In addition to identification, your app should have a number of other enticing features to keep users entertained and encourage them to use it longer. Finding a song typically takes between 25 and 38 seconds, therefore there should be more to your app to entice people to use it beyond just looking for tunes.

  1. Visualization of Results

The success of a Shazam-like app depends on its design. It plays a crucial part in luring consumers to the app. The user can observe the start of their search by watching the motion of a circle that appears in all the similar apps in this field. Be imaginative when developing your idea, and give your project something special.

  1. Social Component

Making your project social is a surefire way to succeed. By building a news feed that features the most popular songs in that nation, the top trending tracks, the most sought music, and some current news about the artists, you may incorporate a social component into your app. If you could include a sharing feature, that would be the icing on the cake for users.

  1. Searches Displayed on a Map

Although not really crucial, this feature will give your project more stars. This functionality is used by apps like Shazam and Soundhound to direct users using an interactive map that shows what people are looking for right now throughout the world.

  1. Personal Statement

It’s always preferable to add a personal touch. Your app should consider this feature to be required. By using this feature, users will be able to create an account on the app, which will save their previous searches and offer music recommendations based on their interests. Each and every music that a user searches for is saved to their account and accessible from any device.

  1. Track information

Apart from the name and artist, your app should include all the information about a song. In the past, an app like Shazam would just include the artist, song’s title, and album information. Going with the wind altered how consumers previously used these applications to look for tunes.

With the addition of new capabilities, viewers can now check both the song’s basic information and the number of times it has been searched for. They may also check out the top tracks recorded by the same artist, read the lyrics of the song, see associated video clips, and follow the artist to hear about new songs. You should think about including this feature into your project.

  1. Redirection To Additional Services

Nowadays, it is rare to discover an app that is not connected to other apps. All apps are connected to one another, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For users to purchase the song or share it with their friends and families, your app should direct them to these services. This function encourages users to utilise the app for longer than 40 seconds.

  1. Offline Procedures

Offline search, a feature that enables users to record their search even when offline, should be present in your app, just like Shazam. The search has been saved, and when the connection is restored, it begins processing and returns the results.


Song-recognition apps have a totally different monetization model. There are two variations of an app like Shazam. One is called Shazam, while the other is called Shazam Encore. For the ad-free experience in encore one, a $7 fee must be paid.Making money is the ultimate purpose of creating an app. There are many ways to get there. It would be great if you initially thought about offering people a free download of the application. It will serve as a stage for testing and gathering user input. Never forget that you can always put a price on your project.

If it fits in your budget, you can release an ad-free version of your app that also charges a price. Everyone desires a great experience free of advertisements.

If not, you may always use in-app advertising or make some features free while charging for others. Freemium is the label for this monetization strategy.

What Would It Cost?

There are always difficulties in developing a song-identifier software. However, the overall cost would depend on how many features were included in the project. It will take into account:

  • The quantity of features the project has incorporated.
  • The features’ level of complexity.
  • Utilized technologies and backend development
  • Employing the tools that are already available or creating your own.
  • Design, UI/UX components, and animation.
  • Fees for developing mobile applications per hour.


Making an app similar to Shazam is easier than you might imagine. Your song-identification app can be easily built with careful preparation and the correct mobile app development partner. You can conclude that, like any other successful programme, Shazam’s success is solely the result of careful planning and effective coding.You can test out new features, subscription-based business models, and strategies. Always remember that thorough research will enable you to learn about the fundamentals of this market, the concerns of the customers, the features they seek in a new song-identification app, and your rivals.You can work with Omninos to create a Shazam-like app. Our skilled staff of mobile app developers has produced a large number of beautifully developed mobile apps.

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