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How to develop an app like Life360?

How to develop an app like Life360?

The current requirement is to wish to keep track of the whereabouts of your loved ones without invading their privacy. Additionally, investing in a programme like this is undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor. In every aspect of life, investors primarily have concepts but no detailed plans. Similar rules apply to building apps, but don’t worry, Omninos is here to doodle one for you. This is a concise manual covering every detail necessary to create a programme that tracks the whereabouts of your loved ones. Prior to moving on, however, we would like to discuss a comparable type of design that is now on the market under the name Life360.

Life360: What is it?

An application called Life360 uses real-time location sharing to facilitate communication with friends and family. Receive automated alerts when your loved ones arrive somewhere, are present, or are driving. These notifications can come in helpful for people who lead stressful lives because they can assist people avoid dangerous circumstances by allowing them to view a private map. One can speak with people in their circle using the group chat feature on the app.

Who Has Played the Biggest Role in Location Tracking App?

  1. GpWox Family Finder

When a family member’s battery is running low, GpWox will notify you. Your regular panic attacks can be lessened because it lets you know where they are right now. One may also track their driving speeds and set notifications for when their loved ones check in or out of a particular location. When you want to monitor your children’s driving, this quality is really helpful.

  1. Verizon Family

In order to precisely determine the present location of one’s family members and the best way to contact them in the event of an emergency, one can use a practical top-down map with turn-by-turn directions. The app is pricey ($9.99/month after a one-month free trial), but that plan includes coverage for up to 10 phones. It’s a little irritating that Verizon Family Locator can only be accessed on Verizon’s website.

  1. Sygic Family Finder

The family locator from Sygic is intended to keep children safe and support family communication. Additionally, Parent Tested Parent Approved has recognised it. One can connect with the family even if they use different operating systems or phone kinds thanks to the cross-platform interoperability of this app. One can identify the areas they believe to be dangerous so they will be alerted if their child enters there. When you or your loved ones are in distress, the family locator will send and receive SOS signals. Additionally, it serves as an offline GPS for driving directions.

  1. Foursquare Swarm

This might be the software you’re looking for if you want something that your children will like rather than hate. By checking into locations, Swarm lets you compete for bonus points. By inviting your children to play, you can make a family game out of the points that have accumulated. In return, rewards are available. If their friends have this programme, children can message their friends who check in at a place. Foursquare City Swarm does not offer live tracking, and it places more of an emphasis on your children’s and their friends’ goals than on your own.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Life360-Type App?

After suffering a severe heartbreak a few months ago, Jane embarked on a lone bicycle journey from the East Coast to San Diego. An old proverb states that most accomplishments are supported by emotional factors. This was not an anomaly. Jane continued to pedal alone in the faraway region, but her family literally was always there. But how? Her purple bike had a GPS tracker on it, and she had the Life360 app on her phone. Her family could always monitor her thanks to this. She got into the app two weeks ago since her mother was eager to see her daughter’s location. Connecticut was the outcome.

A Life360-like app’s extra features include

  1. Driver Protect

As part of a premium package dubbed “Driver Protect,” a U.S. person who accesses Life360 can make use of crash detection and emergency response. According to this idea, if you’ve been in a serious incident as a driver or passenger, the Life360 app will alert the company, and they will get in touch with you. Additionally, if necessary, they’ll call 911 emergency services, alert your Circle, and contact your selected emergency contacts.

  1. 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

All members of your Driver Protect Circle have 24/7 access to Life360 roadside help for less serious circumstances on the road.For a live phone call with a professional, tap the “Call Roadside Assistance” button under the “Safety” tab. Without a doubt, Life360’s live representative will be able to help you in emergency roadside scenarios including flat tyres, towing, engine jump-starts, low petrol, weather-related problems, small accidents, or getting locked out of your car.

  1. Real-Time Navigation

Tapping a family member’s avatar to get directions to them is a controversial but personal favorite feature from the Life 360 bundle. When you’re on pick-up duty and your children are at a new friend’s house, a new practice area, or leaving a packed performance, this can be helpful because sometimes they can’t give you an exact address.

  1. Weekly Updates

Life360 isn’t only a tool for finding your loved ones or for roadside help and crash detection; the app can also identify potentially risky driving behaviors, such using a phone while driving, traveling at a fast speed, stopping forcefully, accelerating quickly, and more. 

With Omninos, Create Apps Comparable To Life360

In life-or-death circumstances, a location tracker app is quite helpful, and the features shown above are just a brief summary of Life360. Our organization understands that the project is extremely important to your business and also has a significant impact on people’s safety. Offering the best software engineering services worldwide is Omninos Solutions. Our developers have developed digital edge for various ideas through skilled IT solutions throughout the course of their more than two decades of experience. With over 600 successful projects completed in 107 countries, Omninos has earned a reputation for supporting its clients both throughout and after the development process. Maximum customer satisfaction is achieved by their usage of a user-centric strategy and customer-friendly technique.


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