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Java is a standout amongst other programming dialects made ever, and I am not saying this since I am an energetic Java engineer, yet Java has demonstrated it over the most recent 20 years. Twenty years is a big deal for any Programming language, and Java has picked up quality each spending day. In spite of the fact that there are times when Java advancement eases back down, Java has reacted well. Advanced with weighty changes as Enum, Universal, and Autoboxing in Java 5, implementation improvement with Java 6, practical programming use the lambda statement in Java 8, and Google’s decision of language for Android applications progress keeps Java as a cutting side programming language. 

In the event that it is as far as Job openings, once more, Java outscores everybody. You can land huge amounts of position openings by learning the Java programming language; you can create center Java-based worker side applications, J2EE web and undertaking applications, and can even go for Android-based versatile application advancement. 

So in the event that you are not originating from a C and C++ foundation and need to gain proficiency with your first programming language, I will recommend picking Java. 

In this article, I will share my rundown of reasons, and why you ought to learn Java programming and why I think Java is the best programming language made ever. 

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Why you should learn Java Programming Language

Which I educate any individual who asks my supposition regarding learning Java, and whether Java is the best programming language as far as circumstances, improvement, and network uphold. 

1) Java is Easy to learn

Many would be astonished to see this one of the top explanations behind learning Java or thinking about it as the best programming language, yet it is. On the off chance that you have a lofty expectation to absorb information, it is hard to get gainful in a limited ability to focus time, which is the situation with the greater part of the expert activities. 

Java has familiar English like sentence structure with least conjuration characters e.g., Generics edge sections, which makes it simple to look through Java programs and adapt rapidly. 

When a software engineer has information  about starting hurdles with introducing JDK and setting up PATH and sees How Classpath functions, it’s whole simple to develop a program in Java. 

2) Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language

Another explanation, which made Java mainstream is that it’s an Object Oriented Programming language. Building up an OOP application is a lot simpler, and it likewise assists with keeping frameworks particular, adaptable, and extensible. 

When you know about critical OOP ideas like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance, you can utilize every one of those with Java. Java itself epitomizes many accepted procedures and configuration designs in its library. 

Java is one of only a handful not many near 100% OOP programming dialects. Java generally advances the use of SOLID and Object-situated plan standards as open source ventures like Spring, which definitely your article reliance is overseen well by use the Dependency Injection rule. 

3) Java has Rich API

One more reason behind Java writing computer programs language’s huge achievement is its Rich API, and above all, it’s completely obvious on the grounds that it accompanies Java formation. 

At the point when I originally began Java programming, I used to code Applets, and those days Applets give great activity ability, which flabbergasts new software engineers like us, who are utilized to code in Turbo C++ manager. 

Java gives API to I/O, organizing, utilities, XML parsing, information base association, and nearly everything.

4) Powerful development tools e.g., Eclipse, Netbeans

In all honesty, Eclipse and Netbeans have assumed a colossal function in making Java a standout amongst other programming dialects. Coding in IDE is a joy, particularly in the event that you have coded in DOS Editor or Notepad. 

They help in code finish as well as give an amazing troubleshooting ability, which is basic for true turn of events. Incorporated Development Environment (IDE) made Java advancement significantly more agreeable, quicker, and familiar. It’s something but difficult to look at, editing, and reading code using IDEs. 

Aside from IDE, Java stage likewise has a few different devices like Maven and ANT for building Java applications, Jenkins for Continuous Integration and conveyance, decompilers, JConsole, Visual VM for observing Heap use, and so on. 

You can likewise observe my post 10 Essential Tools for Java Programmers to study devices Java developers use in their everyday life. 

5) Great collection of Open Source libraries

Open-source libraries undertake that Java ought to be used all over the place. Apache, Google, and different associations have contributed a ton of incredible libraries, which makes Java improvement simple, quicker, and practical. 

There are systems like Spring, Struts, Maven, which covenant that Java advancement follows the best acts of programming craftsmanship, advances the use of configuration examples, and helps Java designers in doing their activity. 

I additionally suggest looking for usefulness in Google before creating your own code. There is a decent possibility that it’s now coded, tried, and available for preparation. 

You can likewise observe Top 20 Libraries and API for Java Programmers for my suggested libraries for Java designers. 

6) Wonderful Community Support

A solid and growing network is the greatest quality of Java programming language and stage. Regardless of how great a language is, it wouldn’t go through if there is no network to help, help, and offer their insight. 

Java has been lucky; it has heaps of energetic gatherings, StackOverflow, open-source associations, and a few Java client meetings to support everything. 

There is the network to support novices, progress and even master Java developers. Java really advances taking and offering back to network leaning. Heaps of software engineers, who utilize open source, contribute as a worker, analyzer, and so forth. 

Numerous Expert software engineers give exhortations FREE at different Java gatherings and StackOverflow. This is just astounding and gives a great deal of certainty to a beginner in Java. 

7) Java is FREE

Individuals like FREE things, Don’t you? So if a software engineer needs to become familiar with a programming language or an association needs to utilize innovation, COST is a significant factor. Since Java is liberated from the beginning, i.e., you don’t have to pay anything to make a Java application. 

This FREE thing generally helped Java to get well known among singular developers, and among huge corporation. In the event that you are interested where precisely Java is utilized in reality, see that post. I have discussed Java’s appropriation by all around the globe. 

The accessibility of Java software engineers is another enormous thing, which causes an association to pick Java for their key turn of events. 

8) Excellent documentation support – Javadocs

At the point when I originally observed Javadoc, I was astounded. It’s an incredible bit of documentation, which educates a ton of things regarding Java API. I think without Javadoc documentation, Java wouldn’t be as famous, and it’s one of the fundamental reasons, Why I trust Java is the best programming language. 

Not every person has time and aim to take a gander at the code to realize what a technique does or how to utilize a class. Javadoc made learning simple and gave a brilliant reference while coding in Java. 

With the appearance of IDEs like Eclipse and IntelliJIDEA, you don’t have to glance Javadoc expressly in the program, however you can get all the data in your IDE window itself. 

9) Java is Platform Independent

During the 1990s, this was the primary purpose behind Java’s prominence. The possibility of stage freedom is incredible, and Java’s slogan “compose once run anyplace,” and the abbreviation “WORA” was luring enough to draw in loads of new improvement in Java. 

This is as yet one reason for Java being the great programming language, most Java applications are developed in the Windows condition and run on the Linux stage. 

10) Java is Everywhere

Truly, Java is all over, it’s on the work area, it’s on portable, it’s on the card, all over as are Java developers. I think Java software engineers dwarf some other programming language proficient. 

In spite of the fact that I don’t have any information to back this up, it depends on understanding. This immense accessibility of Java software engineers is another motivation behind why associations want to pick Java for new improvement than some other programming language. 

Having said that, writing computer programs is a huge field, and in the event that you take a gander at C and UNIX, which is as yet enduring and much more grounded enough to live an additional 20 years, Java likewise falls comparable. 

Despite the fact that there are a huge number of discussions about functional programming, Scala, and JVM dialects like Kotlin and Groovy, they have to go long to arrange the network, assets, and everywhere of Java.

Why is Java such a on demand choice among modern-day software developers?

Java, similar to a significant number of the advances which impact our regular daily existences right up ’till today, started in California, under the domain of Sun Microsystems, an organization established in 1982 by Andreas Bechtolsheim, Vinod Khosla, and Scott McNeally. So, well informed sorts will in general look more to the future than the past, so in the event that you get yourself more inquisitive about the cutting edge universe of coding, or end up addressing exactly how compelling Java has been to the universe of innovation, you don’t especially need a history exercise. You’re doubtlessly searching for the advanced pertinence and impact of an innovation that has kept on developing reliably so as to stay aware of the times.Java is a programming language, intended to be simultaneous, class-based and object-arranged, just as a processing stage previously delivered by Sun Microsystems in 1995. A high measure of uses and sites won’t work except if you have Java introduced, and more are made each day. Denying yourself Java is similar to denying yourself admittance to an innovative framework. Java is promoted, and regarded for its quick presentation, security, and unwavering quality. 

Java is a programming language explicitly intended for use in the appropriated condition of the Internet. It was intended to have the “look and feel” of the C++ programming language, however it is less complex to use than C++ and upholds an item arranged programming model.”Java can be utilized to make total applications that may run on a solitary PC or be dispersed among workers and customers in an organization. It can likewise be utilized to fabricate a little application module or applet (an essentially planned, little application) for use as a major aspect of a Web page. Applets make it workable for a Web page client to collaborate with the page.The answer lies fundamentally with the comprehensive testing, refreshing and consistency of conveyance that Java has verifiably given. Java has been tried, refined, broadened, and demonstrated by a devoted network of Java engineers, modelers and aficionados. In spite of roots going back just about twenty years, Java has reliably advanced over the years.Java is intended to empower improvement of compact, elite applications for the largest scope of registering stages conceivable, subsequently empowering the essential precepts of all-encompassing openness just as cross-stage communication. By making applications accessible across heterogeneous conditions, organizations can offer more types of assistance and lift end-client efficiency, correspondence, and coordinated effort—and drastically decrease the expense of responsibility for big business and buyer applications.

  • Compose programming on one stage and run it on practically some other stage.
  • Make programs that can run inside an internet browser and access accessible web administrations.
  • Create worker side applications for online discussions, stores, surveys, HTML structures preparing, and then some.
  • Consolidate applications or administrations utilizing the Java language to make exceptionally modified applications or administrations.
  • Compose amazing and proficient applications for cell phones, far off processors, microcontrollers, remote modules, sensors, doors, customer items, and essentially some other electronic gadget. 

The basic rule that has empowered Java’s prosperity is the capacity of the designers and coders reliably redesigning the model to be serious to present day innovative guidelines.


  • 97% of Enterprise Desktops run Java.
  • 89% of Desktops (or Computers) in the U.S. run Java.
  • 9 Million Java Developers around the world.
  • Java is the number 1 decision for designers.
  • Java keeps on being the most utilized advancement stage.
  • 3 billion cell phones run Java.
  • 100% of Blu-beam Disk Players transport with Java.
  • There are as of now more than 5 billion Java Cards being used
  • 125 million TV gadgets run Java.

Learning about Java Technology.

In a perfect world in the event that you are an individual looking to seek after a profession as a Java engineer, and despite the fact that this may show up far down the line of learning Java, yet a significant measure by which a potential Java designer may be judged, is their knowledge of: 

  • both JDBC and DAO designs
  • The Java MVC design 
  • Reliance infusion
  • Stringing and simultaneousness
  • The Java memory model 

While the universe of innovation is continually progressing, at what appears to be quicker than any time in recent memory pace, individuals, even coders, have a lamentable inclination to disregard the sources. The basic standards. The thoughts which impacted a plenitude of current innovation. This is the reason Java is significant in light of the fact that in addition to the fact that it continues to be an essential and priceless programming language today, yet it molded the way where innovation would unfurl in the coming twenty years, and keep on unfurling for the unforeseeable future.


The Java assortments structure is one of those zones of the Java language that is somewhat denying. As is regularly the situation, it additionally contains probably the most impressive highlights of the Java language! The ArrayList class is extremely incredible undoubtedly in light of the fact that it decreases the measure of work expected of the software engineer. As you include information, objects of this class simply grow consequently and in a productive design. The programmed development assists with keeping away from issues, for example, surpassing the limit of an exhibit. In any case, it presents issues concerning effectiveness since memory must be allotted in the background. Along these lines, in case you’re including numerous components, you may see an exhibition hit. The class additionally incorporates techniques that can be called to improve the proficiency of options. 

The Java assortment system is incredible and incorporates various abilities not referenced in this article, for example, cloning, return esteems, eliminating components, and then some. These highlights are very much depicted in the JDK documentation, and you can allude to them as you become more acquainted with this rich arrangement of classes.

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