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Price And Important Specifications To Create Reminder App Like Bundled Notes

Bundled Notes became popular among people right away thanks to its stunning style and seamless functionality. Due to all of its new features, the app then gained even more popularity after the release of its second major edition a few months ago. It makes sense that such a well-liked reminder and note-taking tool would make a terrific commercial venture. We have therefore outlined all you need to know to get things started if you’re considering making that investment.

What Can You Do With the Bundled Notes App?

Bundled Notes is a wealthy app with a wealth of capabilities that includes all the Google Keep features and then some. Users may easily manage their knowledge base and reminders thanks to a straightforward and attractive interface. Here is a quick rundown of all the Bundled Notes app can do:

Markup text programme

The programme enables users to italicize, bold, and enlist the text without leaving the keyboard by using symbols like asterisks, brackets, dashes, and hash.

Quick Sync

The software provides free storage that can be accessed across numerous devices, but in order to fully utilize this functionality, you must be a pro member.


A simple file and directory system is supported by the app to better manage user material. Before adding a new note, the directory or folder—referred to here as a Bundle—must be created.

Boards for Kanban

The software provides a customized Kanban interface that can be easily handled on the screen of a mobile device for users who wish to utilise their notes app for process segmentation.


With the help of the tagging feature, you can quickly transform a note into a to-do list, shopping list, or project category.

The Bundled app, which is gaining popularity among the general public, is built on these capabilities. Let’s explore the features that can help you build an app that accomplishes everything now that you are aware of what the app does.

Important Elements to Make Notes App Similar to Bundled Notes

It’s crucial to comprehend all of Bundled Notes’ different facets before figuring out how to validate and use them to create your own clone app. This will help you create a useful and gorgeous software similar to Bundled Notes.

What should be in the MVP of the app?

It is preferable to start with an app prototype when creating an app with as many features as Bundled Notes. The app’s main functionalities will all be included in this prototype, which is also known as an MVP or a Minimum Viable Product, but it will be devoid of all extraneous design elements and complicated code. Here, the goal is to test the app’s concept at its inception before adding all of its other distinctive characteristics. To create an MVP for the Bundled Notes app, you should just concentrate on its essential functions, such as:


Bundled Notes offers its users a number of capabilities to establish reminders, just like a true reminder app. Users have the option to set up either recurring or one-time alarms. Additionally, you may set up everlasting reminders to keep them on your notification tray. What’s next? These reminders can all be distributed online as HTML files. The richer features may be left for subsequent versions while we’re still in the MVP development stage, allowing us to concentrate solely on building out the app’s main reminder feature, which can sound an alarm at a certain time.


The primary feature of the Bundled Notes app is a checklist, thus if your app lacks this feature, its MVP won’t be very valuable. Your MVP’s checklists can remain quite simple. Therefore, it is not required to have the automated feature of tag changing like the source app. It can simply continue to be a fairly simple checklist, where an item can be crossed off the list once it has been checked.

View in Kanban:

A common technique for using cards to modularize a process is the Kanban board. Since the Bundled Notes app is frequently used to make to-do lists, a Kanban board has emerged as the preferred option for its user interface. It enables users to handle a to-do with comparatively ease by keeping track of several tasks connected to it. You’ll build greater trust with consumers who are most inclined to pay for premium services by installing your app with a Kanban view interface. Furthermore, even for normal users, having a better understanding of their assignments and statuses might assist them improve their productivity metrics.


The Bundled Notes app creates its notes using the markup language Markdown. By utilizing a markup language, users can more easily concentrate on the information and control its layout without the need for additional tools. The features become less and less useful when users find it convenient to rely entirely on markups, even while the app also provides them for users who are not competent at using markup languages. Your clone app’s MVP must include this feature as well because it is a crucial component and one of the Bundled Notes app’s distinguishing features.

Additional Valuable Features to Copy from Bundled Notes

If you want your app to be as successful as Bundled Notes, creating a simple MVP is probably insufficient. To give the target audience the same level of comfort and confidence when using your app, you must incorporate all of the features and functionalities of the other app.

Design Beautiful UX with UI:

The Bundled Notes app’s breathtakingly gorgeous UI is its X-factor. It delivers a wonderful user experience with attractive colors and fluid functional transitions. Since we now know that the app’s target audience values an attractive user interface, you should unquestionably make the same investment for your app to achieve comparable success rates with them.


The Bundled Notes app’s folder architecture is known as “Bundles,” as you might have guessed. All of the individual notes are organized into their own bundles or folders and are movable and copyable to other locations. This gives the app a more structured feel, therefore if you want your app to compete with Bundled Notes, you’ll need to include a comparable hierarchy of organizational categories.


The Bundled Notes software allows users to tag their notes with a variety of terms. These tags are quite illustrative, making it easier for users to properly arrange their notes. For better organization, you can automatically change the color of a note by setting it as a process or a to-do list.

In card view:

The Bundled apps’ standard view is in the form of cards. Users are compelled to better organize their thoughts, lists, and reminders by this visually appealing interface. Users can search for and add various tags to their notes using the card view. If you want your app’s users to experience a comparable irresistibility, doing so will be important.

view a list:

Users of the app can access their notes as a list in the app. If the user uses the programme frequently, this can be extremely helpful. Its default board view in this situation may make navigating difficult.

picture annex:

With the most recent version, users may now add photographs to their notes on the app. Maintaining this feature in your cloned application might help you multiply its value. To further enable them to produce richer material, your users will be able to use the app and the notes as a rich text editor.

What Can Omninos Solution Do to Help?

Around 500 clients from all over the world have benefited from Omninos solution’s team of highly qualified developers by using cutting-edge tech solutions to streamline and grow their businesses. Our professionals’ extensive backgrounds in a variety of industry verticals provide them a deep understanding of the target market, which eventually shows in the outstanding user experience of the software and apps they develop. You can construct your own note-taking and reminder app similar to Bundled Notes by utilizing this knowledge and the wonderful skill sets of our staff. So, if you’re prepared to create this highly sought-after productivity tool, fill out this form to get a free quote on your project right away!


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