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Life360 App For Android

Life360 App For Android

Do you prefer utilising a location tracker app to ensure your family is safe or are you seeking for a free family tracker software to provide you with the same level of assistance in locating your loved ones? Is the conflict between allowing your loved ones to live their lives freely and constantly wanting to know where they are ever-present? A great middle ground is a family tracker app.

A family tracker app for Android or iPhone can assist you in finding and locating a smartphone thanks to modern technologies. All you need is a smartphone and a family location tracker app. Finding the best family tracking tool, though, may be difficult given the abundance of options. To assist you in choosing the best one for you, we’ve put up a list of the top family tracker apps for Android and iPhone.

How Does a Family Locator App Work?

A phone can be found on a map using a family finder app. With the aid of GPS, the app can find the location of another phone. You and your loved ones can use this technology to quickly and easily locate one other’s phones.

How Can I Use a Family Finder App?

It’s really simple to use a family tracker app. Make sure to provide the tracking applications you’ve installed access to your phone’s location by using the GPS incorporated into your phone. Apps that track your whereabouts are appropriate for the whole family. Parents will appreciate the tracking feature because it will allow them to monitor their children throughout the day or night. Children will feel comfortable since they can see where their parents are. To view the positions, you only need to make sure that everyone has enabled their GPS location services.

Talk with your family members

Family chat is a feature that is frequently seen in tracking apps for families. It enables group interaction as well as one-on-one communication between users. It’s an excellent method to keep everyone updated on the day’s schedule and to allow children and parents to check in. In order to ask questions, confirm plans, and other things, parents can write to their children in the chat while keeping track of their whereabouts in real time.


Our best option proposal is Famisafe. It is one of the most incredible family tracker application free for android and iphone. Additionally, it was named’s most solid parental control application, with heaps of elements and capabilities that can assist you with following your loved ones. With the Famisafe Parental Control App, you can monitor your bustling family without irritating them the entire day as long as your telephone has a GPS. You can run a fast area search from your telephone or your office PC to ensure your kid made it in time for morning dance practice without interference. This application tracks continuous area and geo-fencing. It permits you to see their area with a road address and milestone, as well as permitting you to set up a protected zone and giving a continuous notice when the kid leaves and enters the Geo-wall. Following and guarding kids is magnificent with this application. Furthermore, this application is secret key safeguarded, so just guardians and parental figures can see the area of their children. This is a parental control application that accompanies the usefulness that most guardians request.

Family Locator Life360

The entire family was considered when Life360 was being built. It’s a family location tracker programme that allows you to monitor your family and view their past locations. This app will keep your family pleased because you may communicate with them there as well. Life360 is really easy to use and totally free. Another extremely cool feature of this software is that it will automatically locate your children’s phones and push them onto the map if they get inside a car and start to move. The app actually moves with them and shows you where they are going, rather than just telling you where they are going. Get the app from the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Family locator Sygic

Sygic is the third free family location tracking software we suggest. Think of Sygic Family Locator as a clever answer. You can use it to stay in touch with your kids and check where they are in real time. Users of iOS and Android devices can access it. Get the app from the iOS App Store and Google Play.


Glympse provides you with up-to-date information about the whereabouts of the family members. You can instantly learn the specifics of other family members’ GPS positions with Glympse.

Simply launch the Glympse app, select “New Glympse,” and send a text message or email to the person you wish to track.

The email or message includes a link. You receive their location information on your phone as soon as they click this link. You can use this to find out in real time where a person might be at any given time.

Swarm on Foursquare

You can monitor where your kids are going with Foursquare Swarm because to its user-friendly UI. Its platform is comparable to that of Foursquare, a popular daily social media site. When you check in at a location, you will leave a pin indicating where you are. When they reach certain value levels, your family members can perform this.

A statistics reporting mechanism built within the application gives you more frequent information about the locations visitors visit. This can be used to monitor household members’ actions. The software is a must-have location tracker for family because it also provides information on the different types of locales. Get the app from the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Family Locator by Sprint

Users of the free location tracker app Sprint Family Locator can find up to 4 devices simultaneously. The fact that the person you want to watch doesn’t have to download anything on their mobile device is this app’s major benefit. You can message the target phones by using the request feature.

Sprint Family Locator also enables you to keep track of past locations and frequently alerts you to the whereabouts of a phone.


According to users, FamiGuard is the best free family tracker software for Android users. A statistics reporting mechanism built within the application gives you more frequent information about the locations visitors visit. You can use this to keep tabs on the actions of other members of your family, such as who frequents particular locations. The programme also provides information on the kinds of places a family location tracker app should include. Additionally, you can create a geofence around a specific location on a map. Your phone will be notified when the target device enters and exits the geofence. The software also has tools for screen time management, site filtering, monitoring online activities, and other things.

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