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Node js Training In Chandigarh


Node js Training In Chandigarh

Welcome to OMNINOS, one of Chandigarh’s most prestigious professional training institutes .

This is a one-of-a-kind Node.js Training Course in Chandigarh. The training will prepare students and professional developers for this upcoming milestone in the IT sector. You don’t need to look for “Best Node.js training academies in Chandigarh” or “Best Node.js courses near me” any more because you can learn the language from us and do so like an expert.

JavaScript is typically used for client-side scripting, in which JavaScript scripts are embedded in the HTML of a webpage and run client-side by a JavaScript engine in the user’s web browser. Node.js allows developers to utilize JavaScript to create command-line tools and client-side scripting, which involves running scripts on the server to generate dynamic web page content before sending the page to the user’s browser.

Who should take this Node.js training?

Students interested in pursuing a lucrative career in web development are also welcome to apply.The sole prerequisite for this course is a basic understanding of and expertise with JavaScript programming.

Course length.

Professional PHP training for 6 months.

Professional PHP training for 3 months.

Mid-semester PHP training for 45 days.

3 Modes of Industrial Training/Internship

  1. Classroom/Offline Training
  2. Instructor-Led Online Live Training
  3. Instructor-less Online Training

NodeJS Industrial Training-Course Content

Module 1.Introduction to Node JS

What is Node JS?

Advantages of Node JS

Node.js Process Model

Traditional Web Server Model

Module 2. Setup Dev Environment

Install Node.js on Windows

Node JS Console

Module 3.Node JS Modules




Module Types

Core Modules

Local Modules


Module 4. Node Package Manager

What is NPM

Installing Packages Locally

Adding dependency in package.json

Installing packages globally

Updating packages

Module 5. Creating Web server

Creating web server

Handling http requests

Sending requests

Module 6. File System


Writing a File

Writing a file asynchronously

Opening a file

Deleting a file

Other IO Operations

Module 7. Debugging Node JS Application

Core Node JS debugger

Debugging with Visual Studio

Module 8. Events

EventEmitter class

Returning event emitter

Inhering events

Module 9.Database connectivity

Connection string


Working with select command

Updating records

Deleting records

What are the prospects after completing NodeJS training?

Due to competition, NodeJS is quite popular nowadays, and learning it has numerous advantages.

  • All development stacks can use the same language.
  • Developers prefer it the most.
  • Simple to understand Allows for real-time application
  • Large corporations use it in their manufacturing.
  • It is used because it is non-blocking or asynchronous.
  • A quick server-side fix
  • Flexibility

Applications written in Node.js


It is a network of electronic devices, such as beacons, actuators, and sensors, that allow them to transmit and exchange data. Node.js is used as the backend for such networks because it can handle several concurrent requests and events from hundreds of devices on the network. Node.js serves as a layer between these devices and the databases that store the data they generate.


Project management, co-browsing, application sharing, video and audio conferencing, collaborative document editing, and more are all possible with real-time collaboration software. Node.js ensures that all server-side events and data are sent on time to the client.


Parts of a programme can be downloaded on demand via application streaming. For the construction of such streaming apps, Node.js is used.


Single-Page Applications (SPAs) are applications that fit on a single page and are designed to provide a user experience comparable to that of a desktop software. Node.js is an excellent choice for SPAs because it can handle the massive I/O workloads and asynchronous calls that these apps require.


Microservices architecture is used to create an application from a collection of small, independent services. Microservices are created with Node.js. It’s also utilised to make simple APIs for connecting them.


Real-time chat allows for the transmission of live video or audio communications, as well as text, from a sender to a recipient. Node.js has all of the features needed to create real-time chats of any complexity.

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We have a senior crew of educators who have been in the education area for decades and have helped many professionals achieve their goals as one of the premier professional training 

institutes in TDI CITY MOHALI. They’ve always delivered excellent results with their teaching and training approaches.

Our commitment to our students and unique learning methodologies have earned us the title of Best Node.js Training Institute in Chandigarh.We guarantee that if you entrust your training to us, you will learn and advance as a node. js programmer You can contact us via email or phone. Never rule out anything. This decision has the potential to change your life.


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