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Obsidian Note Taking

How to Create a Productivity App Like Obsidian: A Development Guide-

An uproar has been caused in the business as a result of the recent debut of Obsidian, a potent note-taking and knowledge base application for Android and iOS mobile phones. The software has been growing its user base since its launch in 2015 and is a perennial favorite among intelligent thinkers. With the launch of the mobile app and its tremendous array of capabilities, the business is poised to break new records. The time is now to invest in the development of any similar ideas you may have that can help even more people. Through these apps, users have already come to view mind mapping as usual; therefore, a new app with even more interesting features will be easily accepted by users. However, before we get started with the development guide, let’s quickly review.

How Does the Note-Taking App Obsidian Work?

Obsidian is a cutting-edge note-taking and information management app that has been catching everyone’s attention. Its straightforward features are simplifying lives for everyone, from programmers to writers. But how did a new app, only a few months old, manage to have such high user success rates?

The platform that the app represents has been around for more than five years even if it has only been available for a few months. Users can easily generate linked notes, a visual graph, and finally a mindmap from them using the software bearing their name.

To make the process easier for its users, the app and the programme both use markup language. Rarely do users need to take their hands off the keyboard or editing window to make formatting or layout adjustments to their text. They can make links, headings, lists, etc. using basic markup symbols like square brackets, hashtags, dashes, and even numbers.

Users must create a vault in order to use the app. In the Obsidian environment, a vault is nothing more than a folder used to store all the notes. Users can begin making notes saved in the local directory again with extension after creating a vault or folder with that extension. Simple text editors make it simple to open and edit these notes.

How Can I Create An App That Takes Notes Like Obsidian?

Obsidian is now winning hearts and minds everywhere because we know how to use a few straightforward but highly effective features. Let’s try to develop a note-taking app that is similar to this.

  1. Recognize the end result

You shouldn’t take an app like Obsidian lightly. It’s a complex ecology with many dependencies. Because of this, you must have a thorough understanding of all the issues you’re trying to solve with the app before investing in its development. Your app may not serve its objective if it lacks a defined set of issues to address. Over time, this will reduce user involvement and cause a growth bottleneck in the user base.

  1. Select a Platform

An expensive note-taking tool like Obsidian may prove to be worthwhile. This is why it’s so important to first understand your audience, their needs, and their interests. It would be completely pointless to develop such an app for hardware with inadequate functionality or screens that are far too small to make the app usable. Making an interface that permits the largest possible screen to display all features while underutilizing them is also a bad idea. This is why it’s crucial to take into account all the features you wish to implement on the various devices. This will assist you in selecting the platforms and devices you should use for the main app deployment.

  1. Key Characteristics of the Obsidian Clone

Obsidian is one of the most astonishingly feature-rich note-taking programmes.With its markup text files, it enables one to concentrate on the content while at the same time freeing your material and ideas from the platform’s infrastructure thanks to the portability of vaults and note md files. In case, for some reason, the app is no longer available, you can still access your content. You can also copy other wonderful qualities from Obsidian, including:


All content created on Obsidian, unlike other knowledge base apps, is stored in the device’s local memory. The user won’t need to worry even if a server goes down because all of their information will be stored on their phone. Your app will require access to the user’s device memory for this to function. As an alternative, you might request the user’s permission to use a specific cloud area for the purpose.

The note file that is created in the Obsidian app is saved in the memory as file. Text editors like Notepad may be used to open these files with ease. This implies that even if Obsidian were to cease functioning for some reason

Obsidian uses markup language, which makes it simple for authors to concentrate entirely on the content and its organization without worrying about the formatting. By doing this with your programme, you’ll be releasing your users from the format lockup of vendors and preventing all bloaters. Your app’s straightforward to-do list should only take up as much room as a standard text file containing a list of strings. Additionally, markup language will make it simple for your users to publish straight on the web.


Transclusion is made intriguing and simple with Obsidian. You may create a hyperlink out of any text by using only square brackets. What’s next? With this method, you may even connect to pages that don’t exist and just build new ones.

  1. Examine Alternative Competitors

Now, creating an Obsidian clone would be a wise move. Offering exactly what Obsidian is, however, is not. In order to increase the value of your app, you must research other, comparable applications. You can examine different note-taking and knowledge base competitors for this aim. You can take inspiration from and include different features from other apps and software, such as MediaWiki, Slite, Joplin, etc., into your own.

  1. Pick an appropriate monetization strategy

You won’t have any trouble getting users to pay for premium capabilities like direct web publishing for an app as feature-rich as Obsidian. The challenge here, though, will be in market penetration and differentiating the app from.

Omninos solutions’s Productivity App Development Solutions for Obsidian Clone

Only a reputable and skilled Productivity app development business should be trusted with the creation of an Obsidian clone app given its impressive features. Now, Omninos solutions might prove to be your ideal partner because of its decades of experience. Our crew is skilled at coming up with new ideas for even the most complicated features. They are aware of what is necessary to produce an experience for mobile users that they will find irresistible. We have been assisting businesses all around the world by resolving their most difficult difficulties thanks to this expertise set.

Our main strategy while developing a software or app solution to address any business issue is very quality-focused. We are aware that scalability is one of the most important characteristics of any development project. As a result, we have improved the agile processes that enable us to launch the project significantly faster in addition to making it infinitely scalable.

Additionally, as we create productivity apps from from, it is always simple for us to tailor them to your exact specifications. Therefore, you can be confident that everything will meet your highest expectations, from the development process to the user experience, when you choose our team to create a feature-rich app like Obsidian. Still uncertain? Fill out this form right away for a free consultation.

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