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Practo clone


Practo Clone Software is an on-demand doctor booking app that can let any healthcare centre, entrepreneur, or doctor get up and running in no time.Customers may search and book appointments with doctors, therapists, and health advisors, as well as access the best healthcare services, including diagnostic tests in hospitals, with just a few clicks on their smartphones.

The Practo Clone App is totally customizable and white-labeled to fit your unique branding requirements. The ability to adapt the programme to any region, as well as the integration of numerous currencies and linguistic features, will ensure the venture’s success.

Practo Clone is a simple and cost-effective option for any healthcare centre, doctor, or entrepreneur looking to create an on-demand medical appointment booking app business.

Our Practo Clone App’s Advanced Features

  • Consultation via video
  • Models of Subscription
  • Integration of pharmacies
  • Integration of the Laboratory
  • Test Reports can be uploaded.

The Advantages of Developing a Practo Clone App

The Ease of Using

Users will enjoy easy navigation and trouble-free access to each element of your programme with a beautiful and straightforward app structure.

Scheduling Made Simple

It is now feasible to arrange doctor’s appointments with simplicity and have easier access to healthcare services.

Payment Gateway That Is Safe

The payment procedure is streamlined appropriately thanks to the integration of numerous payment options that enable credit cards and digital wallets.

Video Assistance

A decentralised method for patients to connect with doctors from all over the world via video alternatives.


Patients can choose which doctors they want to see and can tailor their healthcare consultations and other health services.

On-Demand Service is a service that is available whenever you need it.

Users may effortlessly obtain healthcare services from expert doctors without difficulty by using the powerful Practo Clone App.

What Is The Best Way To Create A Practo Clone App?

If you want to start a business in the healthcare industry with a Practo Clone App, team up 

with Startupmart, a top-rated on-demand app development company in the market that provides the best Practo Clone App solution that includes all of the exact features of Practo as well as customizable features.

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The On-Demand Practo Clone App’s Workflow

This is how our Practo Clone App works:

  1. Profile Creation and Onboarding

To use the app, the user must first register by entering basic information such as an email address, phone number, or social media profiles. After completing the registration process, the user should update their health-related information in order to get the most out of the app.

  1. Look for Doctors with Specialised Training.

The user looks for doctors who can help them with their health problems. There will be a list of doctors displayed. On that list, users can look for their specialised doctors.

  1. Make an appointment

Users can arrange appointments with a doctor of their choice after browsing a list of providers.

  1. Get the Service You’ve Arranged

After the doctor confirms the appointment request, the patient can have the service delivered to their home or directly to the hospital’s doctors.

  1. Take care of payments

After receiving the service, consumers can pay the doctors using any of the app’s secure payment gateways.

  1. Customer Reviews and Ratings

Users can leave comments and ratings on the available service after successfully completing the payment procedure. So that it can assist other users who are using the app in making appropriate selections.

  Why Choose Omninos for Practo Clones?

Our clients will receive attractive and unique logo designs from Omninos’ devoted design team. It will supply you with a free additional topic for your business. Our skilled team provides the best technical support to Omninos at no cost, and there are no hidden fees. Our development team will ensure that your software is successfully submitted to the app store and play store.After an app is rejected, we receive technical assistance and ensure that the product is successfully relaunched on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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