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Quickbooks Go Payment Clone


Understanding how to collect payment from customers for sales transactions is one of the most important processes to be familiar with when using the accounting software QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop may be what you’re utilizing. With the help of QuickBooks Online, you may learn how to accept and receive payments. A credit card, debit card, ACH bank transfer, or PayPal payment method can all be used to make a purchase at your company using QBO.

With QuickBooks Payments integrated, QuickBooks Online automatically receives and records client online payments. To receive and record client invoice payments while not utilizing QuickBooks Payments, follow the instructions for the QuickBooks Online menu.

Paying Supplier Invoices with the QuickBooks Omninos solution Accounts Payable Automation App

QuickBooks Online bookkeeping and accounting software is used by small and medium-sized enterprises. QuickBooks and TurboTax are owned by Intuit. QuickBooks Online users who are suppliers can issue invoices and take payments from clients.

The cost of using the QuickBooks receive payments service for small businesses is quite low. Credit card, debit card, and ACH payments made through QuickBooks Online are subject to a transaction fee. Transaction fees for QuickBooks Online vary depending on the type and method used, as you can see on the associated Intuit QuickBooks website. Processing costs vary depending on whether a card is swiped, charged, billed, or typed. (Rates are different for users of QuickBooks Desktop.) QuickBooks Online credit card processing instructions are provided.

Omninos solution is an application for automating accounts payable that works with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Advanced. Utilize Omninos solution using your standard QuickBooks Online login and graphical user interface. The full accounts payable processing workload is handled by Omninos solution. It automates online payments to suppliers and vendors utilizing a variety of international bulk payment techniques. You may save the time it takes to process payments by up to 80% when you use Omninos solution. It reduces the time needed to close the books by 25%. A monthly cost is required to use Omninos solution as a SaaS subscription.

Supplier self-onboarding is made possible by the Omninos solution AP automation software for QuickBooks Online. The contact details of the vendors are entered. After choosing their chosen payment option, they upload tax forms and invoices.

Methods for Receiving and Accepting Payments in QuickBooks Online

Pictures of QBO’s payment acceptance and receipt screens

The procedures to sign up and use QuickBooks Payments with QuickBooks Online are illustrated in the explanation that follows with screenshots. The images were taken from a November 6, 2019, QuickBooks Online YouTube video titled How to Set Up QuickBooks Payments | QuickBooks Online.

When QuickBooks Payments aren’t being used, your company receives and accepts consumer payments differently. These images were taken from the QuickBooks Online video on YouTube titled How to Record an Invoice Payment | QuickBooks Online, which was posted on December 9th.

Making a Payment with QuickBooks Payments

Through QuickBooks Online, it’s simple to accept and receive payments from clients. Use the Payments functionality to match and automatically apply customer payments that your company receives to invoices. Entering customer receipts as deposits is not permitted.

QuickBooks Payments processes the customer’s payment for QBO users that have been approved and enrolled. QuickBooks Online software automatically records customer payments in the proper accounts.

How to Register for and Use QuickBooks Payments in QuickBooks Online

By giving details about the company, the owners, and the merchant account, you may register with Intuit through your QuickBooks Online programme and use the QuickBooks Payments feature. Not every small business that submits an application for QuickBooks Payments gets approved.

Payment processing is handled by Intuit Merchant Services. Payment gateways are utilized by online retailers. You can connect your online store to your merchant bank account via a payment gateway. As opposed to a terminal that swipes cards, it functions as a “virtual terminal.” If you require a payment gateway, you can set one up after obtaining a QuickBooks Payments account and following the instructions in this article to accept payments from clients.

It’s possible that GoPayment or Intuit’s Merchant Services already have a merchant account for you. In order to connect it to QuickBooks and take payments from clients, you must still go through this process.

Click the Settings gear icon in the toolbar at the upper right of QuickBooks Online to begin accepting payments.

Through QuickBooks, emailed online invoices, and mobile devices, you can collect payments. Your phone or tablet, whether it runs iOS or Android, is a mobile device. The payments are ACH transfers from banks.

Press the Connect button if you are already processing payments with GoPayment or Intuit Merchant Services. To set up Payments using QuickBooks Online instead, click Learn More.

You can submit company details in a form on the screen titled “Business” after that. An information form for business owners is located on the second screen, which is titled Owner/Proprietor. Intuit uses owner and business information to validate your company.

How to Use QuickBooks Payments to Receive Payments

You can utilize QuickBooks Payments as seen in the following screenshot:

You may send online invoices to your customers with a Pay Now button and choose your preferred payment method with QuickBooks Payments.

For recurrent client payments, you can set up recurring sales receipts and recurring invoices.

eInvoices generated by QuickBooks Online can be used to accept PayPal payments.

Without using QuickBooks Payments, accept payments using QuickBooks Online

These methods will help you accept, record, and receive client invoice payments in QuickBooks Online if you don’t use QuickBooks Payments.

Find out how to create a sales receipt that documents the transaction in the linked QuickBooks Online help page if customers pay right away.

You can select one of two menu sequences to employ for a payment you receive from a customer after you’ve done billing consumers who pay on account.

Obtain Payment in QBO Using the Sales or Invoicing Menu Sequence

When using QBO’s Sales or Invoicing menus, follow these steps:

  • From the side menu, select Sales (or Invoicing).
  • Clients in the pop-up menu
  • Choose the open bills that the customer has paid.
  • Obtain compensation
  •  Close and save.

QuickBooks Online Card Payment Acceptance

You have options for using QuickBooks Online to take card payments (credit or debit).

In order to accept mobile payments, Merchant Services will send you a free mobile card reader if you don’t already have the point of sale equipment. In the email approving your QuickBooks Payments, there is a link where you can request the free mobile card reader. Use this QuickBooks point-of-sale tool to process customer credit cards. To collect and process customer debit or credit card data, insert chip cards, swipe, or tap.

Options for QuickBooks card payments provided by Intuit Payments include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • America Online
  • Google Pay
  • banking cards

In addition to credit and debit card transactions, you can select ACH payments to get payments from clients.

Examining QuickBooks Payments

Both with and without a QuickBooks Payments connection, we’ve discussed how to accept payments from clients in QuickBooks Online.

This instruction manual provided instructions on how to set up QuickBooks Payments from QuickBooks Online using Intuit Merchant Services. We give step-by-step screenshots in our clear explanations. You can take and receive payments online, through PayPal, in-person payments using a mobile card reader, or by manually keying in debit or credit card details. Customers can also make ACH payments to you.

To receive money and record a customer payment transaction if you’re not using QuickBooks Payments with QuickBooks Online, check the procedures below. Your cash flow will be positively impacted by automating your accounts payable using the Omninos solution app for QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Advanced. Don’t forget to share this QuickBooks Online payment guidance with your vendors, contractors, and suppliers if you use Omninos solution AP automation.

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