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Real Estate Marketplace Software Development

Real Estate Marketplace Software Development

To streamline your real estate firm, create your own multi-vendor real estate marketplace. Engage us as your technology partner to create a cutting-edge property listing marketplace that is created and optimised to help your business expand. Contact our staff right away to learn more about our services!

Benefit from a diverse choice of marketplace solutions that are tailored to the specific demands of each type of real estate business.

1.Commercial Realtors: With a dedicated marketplace for corporate realtors, you can help your corporate clients locate and explore homes more effectively.

2.Residential Realtors: With our customised marketplace development services, you can assist your clients in finding the ideal homes for their family.

3.Raw Land Realtors: Using unique real estate marketplace development services, you may completely transform your clients’ property purchasing experience.

Customised Solutions to Take Your Company to the Next Level

With a comprehensive real estate marketplace, you can provide more value to your client services, broaden your market reach, increase conversions, and increase revenue. Our comprehensive suite of software development services assists brands in making their digital transformation goals a beautiful reality. We handle every stage of the software development lifecycle for you, from UI/UX to development and deployment. Let’s work together to create a simple and user-friendly marketplace for your company.

    • Better Reach: Reach out to additional clients to fill your sales funnel and increase income for your company.
  • Making Informed Decisions: All the information you need to make better strategic decisions is there at your fingertips.
    •  Scalable Architecture: Manage your properties, from a few to thousands, with a tailored solution.
  • Higher Revenue: Increase business revenue by converting more clients with greater reach.

Characteristics of the Real Estate Marketplace Solution

  • Comprehensive System: Buy, sell, rent, or finance the properties with ease and obtain detailed information about all of them at once.
  • Dynamic Search Filters: Provides users with different choices for searching for properties and assists them in finding relevant homes in a few clicks.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Integrates well with other advanced real estate software solutions such as CRM, MLS software, lead management, and so on.
  • Mobile Access:Using a mobile application of your choice, you may control and operate your whole real estate firm as well as other critical processes.
  • Advanced Searching: Integrated searching module that gives the user with a seamless searching experience by predicting search terms, keywords, and even correcting errors.
    • Property Administration: A powerful and fully integrated dashboard that provides all of the facts about a certain property, such as pricing, location, ratings and reviews, and so on.
  • Scheduling appointments:Allows property managers to schedule property visits and provides on-time alerts and rescheduling alternatives.
  • Attribute Management: Using this comprehensive functionality, the user may smoothly add different attributes to various properties and place them based on priority.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Track and manage the ratings and reviews of your marketplace’s properties and brokers, and allow users to provide feedback.

                          Marketplace App Development

With the majority of your audience moving to mobile solutions to make purchasing decisions, we can assist you in catering to their demands and making your business competitive. Hire us to construct a well-designed and effective real estate marketplace app to advance your services.

Buyer app creation

  • Broker dashboard creation
  • App creation for virtual property viewing
  • CRM mobile development
  • API advancement

                            ERP Development for Real Estate

By using ERP systems for your company, you can improve business interactions, operational efficiency, and service offerings. With our team on your side, you can get the proper experienced expertise and design software that simplifies your entire operation.

CRM development for real estate

  • Integration of software
  • Modernization of legacy systems
  • Integration of IDX
  • App/web development

Why use Omninos for custom real estate marketplace development?

Omninos solution, a global software engineering brand, is known for providing outstanding digital transformation services to its customers all over the world. By selecting Omninos as your technology partner, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to highly qualified and accredited resources
  • Pricing methods that are both cost-effective and flexible
  • Standards for seamless communication
  • Round-the-clock expert assistance
  • FREE expert consultation for 30 minutes
  • Support and maintenance after the launch
  •  Expert assistance from concept to implementation
  • Years of experience in the industry

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