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Rental car Apps Like Turo

Rental Car Apps Like Turo

You therefore have a brilliant idea to fund a car-rental company and create your own peer-to-peer car-rental app, similar to Turo. Next, what? Although you can have some queries like how to create the app? What should you think about? How much does it cost to create a Turo-like app? So stop looking now! We will address all of your concerns in this post and assist you in developing a feature-rich and adaptable peer-to-peer automobile rental software similar to Turo. Let’s get going!

The first thing that comes to mind while planning a journey to another city or location, whether it be for a vacation or a business conference, is to set up suitable transportation. Even while public transit is virtually always an option, it is still not regarded as the most convenient option. Not to mention that it takes a little longer to get where you’re going than it would if you were to use your own car. So, renting a car is ultimately the best option that occurs to you.

  1. By 2024, the market for automobile rental apps is predicted to generate earnings that will increase by 18.5% annually.
  2. By the end of 2024, the market for car rental services will be worth $105,285m.
  3. Car rental applications alone in the US produce an average of $623.95 in revenue each year.
  4. There will be 549.2 million users of automobile rental apps worldwide by the year 2024.

Best Apps for Car Rental

Many new and established marketers enhanced their offerings in response to the market for car rentals’ phenomenal expansion and released a feature-rich car rental app onto the world stage. Let’s examine a few of them.


Hertz is the first and main company that comes to mind when we discuss vehicle rental apps. Walter Jacobs created one of the first and most well-known car rental companies in 1918. The world’s largest vehicle rental company currently runs more than 10,200 corporate and franchise offices in key locations throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and other regions. Additionally, Hertz has moved its services to the web and mobile apps in order to better meet the unique needs of contemporary users. The company’s website received around 7 million unique visitors, according to reports. Additionally, Android and iOS customers downloaded tens of thousands of Hertz mobile apps.


One of the world’s most innovative providers of automobile rentals is Avis. Warren Avis established it in 1956, and as of that point, it was the first rental car agency to provide services at airports. Today, Avis has expanded into a global business with operations in close to 6000 sites in 165 nations. In order to meet the needs of its digital consumers, it, like Hertz, released a vehicle rental app on the international market. You can easily lock and unlock your car using the Avis car rental app, and you can even flash the lights to let other drivers know where your vehicle is parked.


In 2018, Skurt, a car-rental startup with headquarters in Los Angeles, was established. Since then, the business has put a lot of effort into building its brand recognition on a global scale. And as a result of their excellent work, Skurt was able to get over $10 million in Series A funding to expand their automobile rental services. The app works rather simply; after a user books a car using the app, Skurt makes the automobile available to them within 60 minutes of the booking. In addition, Skurt functions as a peer-to-peer service by connecting the travellers with the fleet owners directly. Los Angeles, Miami, and San Diego are the current locations where the company’s services are offered.

Get Around

The last but certainly not least is Get Around, another well-known company in the car rental industry. With the Get Around car rental app, you can easily reserve thousands of vehicles, including Tesla, BMW, and Toyota. Additionally, you may smoothly lock and unlock the car using the smartphone app, as well as check the fuel levels if necessary. You may avoid meeting the automobile owner in person by using this feature-rich app, which ultimately saves a tonne of time and money.

Considerations to Make Before Developing a Car Rental App

Now that you’ve decided to create a car rental app, here are some things you should think about to ensure its success on a global scale.

When investing in automobile rental services, auto insurance for all of your vehicles should be your first priority. You should give the car owners insurance plans, just like Turo, to reassure them about the security of their vehicles. Additionally, you should take images of the vehicle before each ride to make sure the passenger hasn’t caused any additional damage while on the trip.


Prior to renting out a vehicle to a traveller, you must also address the safety of the automobiles. For instance, you must verify the driver’s licence, payment details, and insurance score in order to feel secure. Additionally, the app needs to include the journey’s beginning and ending times.

Personalized Development

The most important step if you want to compete globally with other top car rental apps is custom development. Despite the abundance of ready-made solutions, custom development is a powerful strategy for setting your app out from the crowd. In other words, you may include all the features you desire in your vehicle rental app and even monitor its progress as it moves along. Additionally, a customised automobile rental app assists you in resolving all security-related problems by integrating the ideal security tool or system into your mobile app. Read this article to learn more about the significance of bespoke development.

Friendly User Interfaces

The user-friendly features are last but by no means least. User experience, or UX, is the most important consideration when creating a software system or even a mobile app. If your users cannot use the additional features and security tools you have, they are of little use to you. Because of this, you should constantly be careful to include capabilities that are user-friendly in your mobile app to increase its usefulness to a wider audience. You can start by using a few of our suggested features in your car rental app.

How much does it cost to create a Turo-like car-rental app?

The price of creating a car rental app is dependent on a few key elements, just like any other on-demand applications. We have, to name a few,

  1. Management Fees
  2. Cost of Development
  3. Test Price
  4. Platform Cost
  5. Cost of Customization

In addition to all the above expenditures, there are other important elements that affect how much the development will ultimately cost. Please get in touch with us if you’d like a quote for your vehicle rental app.

Would you like to learn more?

Omninos is always available to assist you in the best way possible, whether you want to learn more or design a feature-rich and reasonably priced auto rental app! Our qualified engineers and skilled testers make sure that nothing prevents the expansion of your car rental company. We are always available to listen to you, whether you have any ideas or just need some advice. Please contact us to begin your project.

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