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How Can I Create A Local Buy-Sell Marketplace App Like LetGo?

More and more individuals are using smartphone apps to fulfill their numerous duties and daily activities, as we have seen numerous times and read about every day. People’s lives are becoming easier as more services, such as bus, taxi, and movie ticket buying, are available via smartphones. Which would you prefer, if I may ask? Your used items can be given away or sold on Letgo for cash. You’ll undoubtedly choose the second choice, I’m sure of it. You know what else? Local buying and selling has become simpler thanks to apps for buy-sell marketplaces. The use of these applications makes it easy to find the suitable buyer and vendor in your area.

Three categories can be used to categorize the online markets.

  1. Vertical

When a market is vertical, it only offers one sort of goods or service, such as furniture, from a variety of suppliers.

  1. Horizontal

Users can purchase from retailers in the horizontal marketplace without having to download each item individually because it offers goods and services of different categories with similar qualities.

  1. Global

 When we talk about the global marketplace platform, they sell everything, and customers can find any kind of product here, for example: Amazon, eBay, and others.

Apps for Business Online: Their Purpose

Around 1.8 billion people worldwide are predicted to have made online purchases in 2018. Global e-retail sales reached 2.8 trillion US dollars in the same year, and estimates indicated that they would rise to 4.8 trillion US dollars by 2021. In 2018, the eCommerce market in Canada additionally brought in 40 million Canadian dollars. By the year 2023, this was projected to reach 55 billion Canadian dollars. Additionally, it is anticipated that 17.5% of all retail sales will be made online. Therefore, think about starting small rather than immediately competing with eCommerce apps like Amazon, eBay, etc. Before you begin the marketplace process, we discuss a few key points.

Apps for Business Online: Their Purpos

Around 1.8 billion people worldwide are predicted to have made online purchases in 2018. Before creating a marketplace app similar to Letgo, there are several crucial factors to take into account.

  1. Choose your niche.

What if you wanted to construct a local selling app to sell items close to where you live or a cross-city and cross-border buying and selling app? Yes, it is correct. Selecting the market you want to concentrate on is the first stage in the process. This includes the goods you truly want to deal with as well.

  1. User experience

Depending on whether the user is the buyer or the seller, a marketplace app is viewed as either an app for buying things or an app for selling them online.

The user experience is important in both situations and must be taken into account. Apps for buy-sell marketplaces should be performance-driven and include a sophisticated range of capabilities.

  1. Fraud prevention

The main component of a stable market is fraud protection. As an entrepreneur, you should think about investing in methods for detecting fraud and strengthening client protection. Before registering for your buying-selling app, both the buyers and the vendors should be thoroughly validated. Following these crucial points, it’s time to explore the advantages that each marketplace app has to offer.


Marketplace Apps’ Benefits

Marketers have the chance to take advantage of the marketplace business model and develop their own solution because there is still much of the market that needs to be studied.

  1. Efficiency

Apps for the marketplace and websites for online stores both have the same launch expenses. An online marketplace app’s functionality is effective at meeting the various needs of many merchants, despite the complexity of the reasoning underlying it.

  1. Revenue

As a marketplace owner, you must choose a revenue model that best suits your market niche and supports your company’s objectives. The success of the market owners’ platforms depends on how they generate revenue. We feature the most popular monetization models, including subscription, advertising, listing fees, lead generating costs, etc. Although we offer a variety of monetization schemes, it is best to employ just one at first.

  1. Automation

The marketplace’s main source of income is always the commission it receives from sales and requires business process automation. There is no need for any paperwork in this situation because everything is handled automatically by the platform.

  1. Value Proposition

The main advantage of having a market is that businesses may manage all of their supply without having to make the first investment in a physical store. In order to aid their customers in making well-informed judgments, providers might also compile business ratings and review cards from customers. A marketplace can provide a lower charge, the best user experience, high revenues, and a secure app environment to attract the attention of the goods and service providers as well as the customers.

  1. Flexible Business Model

Comparing a marketplace to an eCommerce store reduces the financial risk. Because there is no initial investment required in the inventory, for instance, it is secure. Market growth is rapid and continuous. Consequently, the sole variable that the business owner needs to concentrate on is supply and demand. As a result, a growing client base draws more vendors, and in turn, high-quality vendors draw more customers.

  1. Consumer Interest

Numerous service providers’ offers are brought to a marketplace in great quantity. In order to choose exactly what they need, clients naturally prefer to use mobile devices with a variety of offers. Additionally, they may do it without being forced to choose only from one seller and service.

  1. Evaluation

The app enables marketplace owners to monitor their sales with precise analytics. For example, the owner will be able to know which goods and services are in more demand as well as which vendor clients are most likely to choose. In the end, the proprietors would be able to market the products and services that are highly significant to the users.

Letgo-like apps with advanced features include

Social sign-up and login.- This feature makes it easier for users to download the app and sign in using their social account credentials.

Personalization: A marketplace app might benefit from having this functionality. Every time a user opens the app, it presents them with personalized content.

Comparison of Products and Prices: Before making a purchase, many consumers examine available products’ features and prices. This comparison enables consumers to choose products that are within their preferred price range.

Manage warehouse—This capability is built within the app so that items that have previously been sold out of the warehouse don’t appear there. Therefore, this feature synchronizes the app with the warehouse and immediately removes goods from the marketplace’s “display product area” that are unavailable at the warehouse, notifying the admin of the situation in the process.

Automatic tax calculation: This function enables you to calculate the tax automatically on the cart and show it to the customers along with the total amount due.

Support for many currencies and languages: In this case, customers can use the app more conveniently by making payments in their preferred currency and language.

Analytics and reporting: As the app’s administrator, you may utilise this feature to maintain tabs on app usage.

Loyalty programmes: Retaining loyal consumers is crucial for business owners, so sending them occasional gifts, coupons, and special offers might work well. They will know you value their loyalty if you do this, which is a great way to demonstrate it.

It’s excellent to have this capability in a buy-and-sell marketplace software because it makes it simpler for all parties to track shipments.

Built-in camera: This function enables you to snap and upload pictures directly from the app. In this manner, app retailers can effortlessly display their products.

Built-in chat: The app’s built-in chat feature makes it easier for buyers, sellers, and customers to communicate with one another inside the app regarding deals, offers, goods, and services.

Cloud environment: By integrating this function into your app or website platform, which has almost 100 million active users, you will boost the visibility of your app and open up new options.

What functions does the Marketplace app have?

A mobile marketplace app typically has two sorts of users: buyers and sellers, as is common knowledge. Therefore, in the case of the sellers, they only need to download the app and register; following the completion of the registration procedure, they may create an account, list their products, and begin to make sales. Buyers, however, find the process to be much simpler. They simply sign up for the app using their social network credentials, and from there they can begin exploring products, searching for particular goods and services, and using the app without any issues in accordance with their needs. After being persuaded to purchase the item based on their needs, they can add it to their shopping cart and go to the payment section to conveniently make payments. Users receive the shipping information through which they can track their orders within a few hours of the transaction being approved, and once the transaction has been approved, they receive an order confirmation via SMS or email (depending on the information they provided during the registration process).

Leaders in the segment at the moment

In the field of online markets, there are several significant players who have proven their worth. Discuss them now: Everything is available for purchase on the well-known marketplace platform, including accessories, kitchenware, home decor, apparel, and other items. Although it operates in many countries throughout the world, North America, Europe, and Asia are where it is most well-known. The platform sells practically anything one can imagine. This marketplace platform is now the oldest. served people who enjoy internet shopping since it began in the middle of the 1990s. Started with the standard market, later expanded to offer used personal things and occasionally assist auctions with other services like lodging rental. Even now, one of the most prosperous online retailers is eBay.

an Amazon platform that operates similarly to Amazon. Although many of us haven’t heard of it, Aliexpress began as a BRB project and later evolved into a P2P platform. Its lower product prices attract customers from all over the world. As a result, it frequently ranks among the most widely used marketplace platforms.When it comes to handling things, Etsy operates very differently from Amazon and Aliexpress. They use vintage and handcrafted goods in this place, along with some specially made items.Etsy stands apart from competing marketplaces thanks to its enormous appeal with customers who simply like unique goods.

Technology stack required Mobile platforms (Android, iOS)

  • Internet:.Net, PHP, JS, etc.
  • Twilio with’s Push Notifications
  • Verification through SMS, voice, and phone – Twilio, Nexmo
  • Braintree, PayPal, and eWallets for payment
  • The AWS, Google, and Azure cloud environments
  • Hadoop, Spark Streaming, BigData, Apache Flink, and IBM Streams are examples of real-time analytics.

Structure Of The Team For A Marketplace App

The following specialists are required by the marketplace app development team:

  • UI/UX Developer iOS Developer Android Developer Project Manager
  • Reverse Engineers
  • Competent analysts, experts

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Marketplace App Like Letgo Where People Can Buy And Sell?

There are several factors that affect how much it costs to design a mobile app. A few of these include

  • Implemented features
  • Amount of users of the system
  • The characteristics’ complexity 
  • Utilized technology
  • Using sources from third parties, among many other things.

We can, however, assist you in correctly estimating the time and cost to construct a mobile application if you have a general understanding of what the client wants from us.


Some key business factors, fundamental features, suggested features, estimated costs, and the tech stack for creating the best online marketplace app have been covered. As a result, it is time for you to stop having concerns and begin making plans to create a fantastic marketplace app for your company. We are a prestigious app and web development firm Omninos  renowned for our interactive websites and performance-driven apps. Any question or ambiguity about how to create a shopping app will be happily cleared up by us.


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