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Skyscanner Website

How to build a Website like SkyScanner?

A vast industry, travel and tourism includes many different parts, including flight booking, travel agents, insurance providers, hotel booking, and more. The significance of websites or applications serving this sector is difficult to gauge. Nowadays, people have a vast array of possibilities. An application’s scalability, quality of service, and marketing efforts all play a role in how distinctive it is.

What is SkyScanner?

A travel website called Skyscanner is situated in Edinburgh, Scotland. The group asserts that the app is the biggest travel company in China. Users can use Skyscanner to plan their trip by looking for and booking hotels, cars, and flights.

For data retrieval to be displayed to users, a travel aggregator site mainly relies on websites of travel firms like airlines and hotel chains. Without having to walk from door to door, this gives users an overall picture of prices and availability among numerous merchants. A user needs to enter their travel dates, and the website will provide the necessary data.

In order to maintain the aesthetics of your site, we need a CMS, which serves as a framework for the website front-end.

engine for obtaining data via data providers’ APIs.

As an alternative, one may think about creating the website from scratch or using pre-made scripts for travel portals. Let’s investigate what’s in store!

Created it from scratch

There is a lot of space for experimentation with anything made from scratch. It is possible to include any features and functionalities. Make a plan and organize your development team. This strategy will cost you a lot of time and money, though. This strategy is appropriate for you if flexibility is important to you. Use Laravel and Ruby on Rails to develop your website because it will be very large.

Think about utilizing WordPress

WordPress is renowned for being able to create practically any type of website. It’s because creating a plugin for WordPress to add new features is simple. The website is very flexible and simple for beginners to utilize. It will be much less expensive to make minor adjustments to the WordPress setup than starting from scratch. To develop a travel site on WordPress, one does not necessarily need to be a normal coder. Install a trip theme and plugins, and you can start exploring!

Themes for WordPress

In order to guarantee a flawless user experience, WordPress makes use of the best performance-enhancing techniques. These themes are supported by booking forms and different payment methods, and they work with well-known plugins like WooCommerce.

  • Pilgrim
  •  Cruise 
  •  Travel
  •  Press 
  • Travel WP


With the aid of effective plugins, you may turn your WordPress site into a fully functional travel portal:

Travel Routes Travel Agent 1.4 for TourCMS Travel Website Scripts

Travel website 

Use specialized web engines or scripts to develop your website because they will take care of the important components. Powerful features like billing and invoicing, a booking engine, and adaptable settings to suit your needs are all packed within these scripts:

  • PHP Vacations
  • Wizie 
  • Wizie

Information Gathering for the Travel Site

It’s time to connect the site with systems that provide data once it is complete as a final product. The fundamental element, or fuel, on which your website will function is data. If necessary, have access to travel agents, airline and hotel chains for data retrieval.

Affiliate initiatives

Nearly all popular meta-search engines offer free API access through their affiliate schemes. By using these APIs to feed your travel website, you may simultaneously address the problems of income creation and data gathering. Set up your engine to retrieve information from the following APIs:

  • Expedia Partner Program
  • Program for Skyscanner Affiliates
  • Affiliate Program for Kayak

Services for Web Crawling

Not all websites offer APIs, and these websites might not have the data fields needed by a travel agency. Web crawling services can be useful in this situation. Unstructured data can be transformed by the service into structured data, which can then be given to your database to populate the travel website.

Due to complex technical challenges, setting up a web crawler isn’t really practical, hence we advise using PromptCloud to fulfil your needs.

Features that Every Travel Website Must Have

Launch Page

The best method for creating a website like Skyscanner that caters to users worldwide is a country- or language-specific landing page. Provide a search box on the first page to welcome visitors and point them in the right direction.

Alternate Currencies

If your website conducts business internationally, you must include a currency conversion option. If your website even offers a hotel booking option, be sure to apply a region-specific filter. The pertinent portion must mention the hotels and the authorized money.

Browse & Sort

The site has to provide a variety of criteria, including ratings, price, and popularity, to improve the user experience. The hotels or destinations should be able to be sorted by price or popularity for the users.

Location Pictures

To entice customers? The straightforward method is to use photographs. Include visual representations of the destination, routes, eateries, resorts, lodgings, and much more. Offer a gallery with a large number of alluring photographs that will entice visitors to take action and make a reservation.

Examine Deals

This is the key component of a travel website, if we were to identify one. Put a “check deals” button up top and post the minimum price there. It must contain all full packages, including those for booking hotels and flights, among others. The main goal of this component is to encourage users to tap on this choice, which will then direct them to the appropriate page where they may complete their reservation. Design this choice with workable bargains, as this may serve as the icebreaker when a user is unsure whether to visit your website or one of your competitors.

Best Places to Visit

Even though we have discussed the review filter above, you still need to include this section—possibly in the site’s footer. List the top cities or vacation destinations based on different stipulations like:

  • Best Place to Visit Alone
  • The ideal for group travel
  • Popular tourist destinations with seasons that are ideal for family vacations
  • And a lot more…
  • The majority of travelers infected by travel bugs go to this location. Don’t forget to try your hardest in this situation.

Traveling blogs

Here is the section that a traveler would look through if they were to browse a website dedicated to travel. A blog enables the reader to adopt the perspective of the traveler and enjoy the entire voyage through their words. As a result, the reader can opt to book the full trip on their own and click your deals button. The blog part may include discussing popular vacation places, a well-known city’s local market, a new love that was discovered while visiting a favorite location, and much more. Simply prepare your writing staff, then allow the universe of words to flow!

Would you like to learn more?

Omninos is always available to assist you in the best way possible, whether you want to learn more or design a feature-rich and reasonably priced skyscanner website. Our qualified engineers and skilled testers make sure that nothing prevents the expansion of your car rental company. We are always available to listen to you, whether you have any ideas or just need some advice. Please contact us to begin your project.

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