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Top 10 Live Streaming App Platforms in 2023

Today, live streaming is the most popular means of broadcasting on the internet. Live streaming is a new approach to engage and converse with your followers. It’s also a great method for proving your abilities and originality. Live-streaming apps for Android are a terrific way to create content for a channel or group, or even just for yourself.

You can live stream video from your phone using many live stream apps. These apps record audio from your device’s microphone and transfer it over the internet to a browser or phone.

Top 10 Android Live Streaming Apps

The need for live streams is increasing, and there are thousands of live-streaming apps available to meet your streaming demands. However, in order to make it as simple as possible for you to find great apps that match your needs, we have compiled a list of the top ten best live streaming apps for Android users.


Twitch is a video-streaming application operated by Amazon subsidiary Twitch Interactive. Twitch has recently established itself as the leading gaming-specific live streaming service. It is also regarded as one of the best live streaming gaming apps for Android and iOS.


A simple platform that allows streaming on both desktop and mobile devices.
Use the dark mode function to play games at night.
A reliable and widely used platform on a global scale.

2. Tango – Live Stream & Video Chat

Tango is one of the most popular live-streaming systems on the market right now. Trusted and utilised by over 10 billion people worldwide. This application was launched in 2009 to manage online calling, texting, and gaming, but in 2017 it began offering live streaming services.


Tango’s DUAL broadcast function allows you to collaborate with other video content creators.
You can earn money by getting gifts from your fans and followers all over the world, which you can then exchange for real money.
There are various options for monetization.

3. Streamlabs

Streamlabs is the best free live streaming video app for content makers. It is one of the greatest live streaming apps; it allows you to play various mobile games while streaming or broadcasting your screen to various social media platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and others.


Switching between front and back cameras is a unique feature of Streamlabs.
The real-time chatting technology allows you to speak and connect with individuals all over the world.
It provides a vast selection of mobile themes to help you personalise your stream.

4. Turnip: Live Streaming

Turnip is a voice chat, live streaming, and gaming community platform.Turnip allows you to generate high-quality game live broadcasts for your favourite gaming moments directly from your mobile device. Stream your mobile games like PUBG Mobile and COD: Mobile simultaneously and for free.


Turnip clubs can be used to manage your gaming community.
High-definition, 1080p full-HD stream quality (no watermark).
Capture gaming footage with Screen Recorder.

5. Vimeo

With Vimeo for Android, you can watch great movies from the world’s best filmmakers and publish your own right from your phone. Vimeo, which was founded in 2004 as a video platform for professionals and creators, is thriving in large part due to the company’s massive creator-user base, which has grown to over 70 million users.


Watch videos in 1080p HD resolution.
Uploading, managing, and sharing videos has never been easier.
With privacy settings, you may choose who can and cannot see your video.

6. Younow: Video Chat Live Stream

YouNow allows you to connect globally and live stream. You can broadcast, talk with viewers, and communicate with fans and followers about a variety of fascinating topics like video games, food, music, and more. Send and receive animated gifts like gold bars that can create real money.


You can create a vtube avatar to introduce your character to the rest of the world.
Customer service is excellent and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Multiple languages are supported.

7. SuperLive

SuperLive is a popular social network platform for video streaming apps that allows you to display your talents, share your experiences, and, even better, meet fantastic people from all over the world. By living with people from all over the world, you may share your great experiences and grow your community.


The user interface is simple and easy to use.
Live HD feeds are available.
You can send presents to two streams from the same window without quitting the broadcast.

8. Livestream

One of the most popular live-streaming apps for Android is Livestream. Livestream, a Vimeo product, enables businesses of all sizes to create desktop and mobile live streams. Use one app to stream video to many networks, such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Livestream is a fantastic tool for event planners and organisers.


There are streaming options available for both desktop and mobile devices.
Stream to a number of live streaming providers at the same time.
Innovative solutions, such as white labelling and multi-bitrate streaming, are available.

9. UpLive

Uplive is a global live streaming service that provides a platform for influencers to establish communities around their interests while also taking a step towards financial independence. The app has over 1000 users in India and is growing popularity among the country’s millennials and Generation Z. By restoring the relationship and accountability between creator and user, the app promotes a vibrant, equitable, and productive creative economy. Uplive’s live content includes anything from gaming to live discussions and entertainment. The software is best suited to people who are socially addicted. People who enjoy sharing their views and feelings live and while watching a video will find the app to be an amazing experience.

10. YouTube Live

YouTube, of course, needs no introduction. It is the world’s largest Live Streaming Apps. YouTube is a terrific place for artists to monetize through commercials, but only once they’ve gained enough traction. If you have 10,000 or more subscribers, you can use YouTube live and stream your content in real time. You can communicate with your community in real time, host charitable events, in short, it is your opportunity to interact, talk, and develop community in real time.

The Price of Creating a Live Streaming Platform

The cost of designing a live streaming app is determined by several factors, including the developer’s hourly rate and the amount and complexity of features to be incorporated. A simple formula for calculating app development expenses might help you establish an estimate.

What is the revenue model for live streaming apps?


This revenue model is used by several platforms, including Twitch and YouTube.

The quantity of advertising you place will determine your revenue. However, we all know that no one enjoys seeing irritating advertisements. This is why you should just place one or two adverts that are intriguing and useful.

Ads perform best when users have not subscribed. However, if you place the adverts in the sidebar, they will be visible to all subscribers.

2. Subscriptions

Paid memberships are a terrific way for users to get rid of adverts and for you to earn a consistent income. Subscriptions, whether monthly or annual, provide revenue at regular periods.

You can also provide unique services to only subscribing users to make them feel special. This also keeps them engaged in the subscription.

3. Extraordinary Benefits

Another excellent option to monetise your software is through premium or paid features. You can create extra features, such as analytics, and restrict access to users who purchase this feature.

Users will gladly pay for your feature if it is truly valuable.

4. Programmes for Partners

This is an excellent method to supplement your income. Your users will be able to collaborate with other live streaming websites. This way, websites will receive high-quality content, and streamers will be compensated for their efforts.

Final Thoughts on the Best Live Streaming Apps

As a result, the ten top live streaming applications for Android might assist you in achieving your objectives. We hope the list of the top live streaming Android applications we’ve provided above will assist you in selecting the best app for your needs. Please share any other worthy live streaming app titles in the comments section. Also, please forward this article to your friends and family.







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