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Video Streaming App Development

App Development for On-Demand Video Streaming

With our cutting-edge app development services, you may create a high-end video streaming app. Due to our powerful back-end setup, all video material can be viewed without interruption on this platform. Connect with us to learn more!

For a rich user experience, use our streaming solutions.

At Omninos, we offer end-to-end on-demand video streaming app development services to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in scaling their operations globally.

VOD (Video on Demand)

We strive to provide robust Video-On-Demand applications that allow your users to enjoy their favorite videos and shows whenever and wherever they choose. These OTT solutions are all-in-one packages that combine mobile, TV, and online apps to help you reach a large audience.

Apps for Live Streaming

We create cutting-edge apps that enable users to live-stream any video kind from anywhere. Connect to the app and go live quickly, whether it’s for sports, news, or TV networks. The app provides hassle-free high-definition video streaming.

Migration of OTT Apps

Migrate your present VOD solution to a more capable OTT platform to improve your app experience. Our staff assesses your needs and recommends the most cost-effective solution. If necessary, we also provide plugins and third-party API connections.

Technical Assistance

We provide maintenance support services to ensure that our clients’ video streaming businesses work smoothly. Regular quality checks and a series of routine tests ensure that your application runs smoothly across many platforms.

Our Video On-Demand Solution’s Highlights

Several top-notch features are included into the solutions to provide a glitch-free, tailored user experience across numerous devices.

Solutions that can be customized

Our VOD apps are highly adaptable and scalable, allowing you to add any integrations at any time with no problems.

Cloud Computing Services

To take advantage of the capability of high-definition video streaming without interruptions, host your video streaming platform on a dependable cloud infrastructure.

Player of Videos

Built-in video players are included in our apps to ensure that your video content is suitable and responsive across all digital assistant devices.

Apps for the Web and Television

We create not only mobile apps for your VOD platform, but also online and TV apps to help you reach broad parts of your potential users.

Management of Content

Use the powerful panel to take control of your OTT platform by properly managing the available video material.

Distribution of video

We use effective techniques to distribute your material to huge groups of people, providing a seamless, enhanced user experience.

Our Video Streaming App Development Process Workflow

User Registration / Login

Users may sign up for the app using a variety of methods, including phone numbers, email addresses, and even social network handles. They can log in using the registered credentials on any device.

Profile of the User

On the video streaming platform, users may create, amend, and manage their profiles. Their profiles can include information such as favourite video genres, device preferences, and so on. They can also see information such as the amount of liked, viewed, and saved videos, among other things.

Preferences for Privacy

Users have the option of exclusively sharing videos and broadcasting playlists with their friends and close groups. They can ensure this by adjusting their privacy settings.

Interface that is interactive

Enhance the user’s video viewing experience by providing video streaming via an intuitive UI/UX.

Our VOD solutions come in a wide range of options.


Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD) is a video streaming model in which viewers must pay to see VOD content.


Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) allows customers to subscribe to complete video streaming services on a monthly or yearly basis.


(Near Video On Demand) is a pay-per-view strategy that lets customers to watch videos whenever they want without having to sign in at a set time.


Push Video On Demand (PVOD) is a business concept in which popular videos are automatically loaded onto consumers’ devices so they may watch them whenever they want.


Users can get video content for free using advertise-based Video On Demand (AVOD). Instead of paying a subscription fee, customers pay the service provider with their opinions.

Our On-Demand Video Streaming Solutions’ Best Features

Integration of social media

Users can sign up for the app using their social network accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, to make the process go faster.

Make a Watchlist

Users can save their favourite series and movies to their watchlists so they can watch them whenever they have free time.

Return to Video

The resume option allows users to pick up where they left off in the video. They can also watch it from the beginning.


Users may watch videos on huge displays by utilizing the Chromecast function to connect their phones to their TVs or other devices.

Instant Dissemination

The video-sharing tool allows users to quickly share the videos they find interesting with their relatives and friends.

Video Sharing that Adapts

When the user’s internet speed varies, the software adapts the video quality to whatever it deems appropriate at the time.

Offline Video Playback

When users don’t have access to the internet, they can download and store videos in the app to watch them later when they do.

Pop-up Messages

Users receive fast pop-up notifications anytime their favourite channel posts a new video.

Channels that you may subscribe to

Users can subscribe to their favourite video channels and receive notifications whenever they submit a new video.

Video Recommendations

Users will be given video recommendations based on their video viewing habits in order to provide a tailored user experience.

Catch-up television

Through the VOD technology, customers can watch a certain TV show that aired on an earlier date.

What Are the Benefits of Our Video Streaming Solutions?

Integration of social media

Users can use their social network profiles to join up for your VOD application. For this, we’ve connected the app with a number of social networking platforms.

Personalized Service

The apps we create are capable of behavioural monitoring, which means they may record user browsing and viewing tendencies in order to provide related video recommendations.

Suggestions based on your location

Users are given video recommendations based on where they are in the world. The apps have a geolocation tracking feature that allows them to figure out where their users are.

Ratings and reviews

Our apps allow users to rate and discuss their app experiences, allowing you to monitor service quality and, if necessary, improve the user experience.

Support in Multiple Languages

Our VOD platform supports a variety of regional languages, allowing customers to watch content in the language of their choice. It enables app developers to expand their businesses abroad.

Analytical Techniques

The software generates comprehensive analytical reports based on user data and provides a graphical representation to the admin, assisting them in making educated business decisions.

Why Choose Omninos ?

The Agile Methodology is followed.

We use the agile development method to boost the value, visibility, and adaptability of our projects, which allows us to complete them considerably faster. This method allows us to communicate with our customers in a secure manner.

Group of Experts

Our mobile app development team is well-versed in the principles of programming and has a wealth of experience. In the last few years, we’ve produced over 100 apps, ranging from simple to complex.

Assisting a Telecommuting Team

We have a remote team support system in place that allows us to contact with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere on the globe. We listen to and respond to every client inquiry in order to establish a deeper understanding relationship and sustain high-value CRM.

Safe & Secure

We create user-friendly mobile apps that protect customer information from data scraping and hackers.

Maintenance and Support

Do you have any complaints or questions concerning the application that was developed? Don’t worry, we’ll be there to help you and find a solution whenever you need it. We provide dedicated support and maintenance teams who are entirely focused on your needs.


We are committed to completing our mobile app development projects on time and upholding our reputation as the top mobile app development company.

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