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Do you want to create a WhatsApp-like instant messaging app for your company?

There is a more efficient and cost-effective way. Hire Omninos WhatsApp Clone Development dedicated developers. Outsourcing your WhatsApp Development project to a skilled team will give you more time and energy to focus on your core business, while our developers create the ideal WhatsApp Clone app based on your specifications. Call us right now to take the next step!

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app available. People all over the world are now using WhatsApp more than any other app, whether it is for chatting with friends, sharing photos/files, video calling, or even making global voice calls. This is one of the primary reasons why app developers and businesses prefer to learn from WhatsApp’s example (and features) when developing their own instant messaging app. If you want to create your own instant messaging/chat app similar to WhatsApp, you’ve come to the right place.

We have a fantastic team of talented developers at Omninos who have the experience and skills to build an exact or similar app to WhatsApp based on your specifications. Cloning a complex application such as WhatsApp necessitates extensive knowledge and understanding of the app, how it works, the various features and functionalities, target market, and so on, which isn’t for everyone. Omninos’ developers have the technical skills and ability to create a WhatsApp clone app exactly how you want it, having developed multiple instant messaging, chatting, and social networking apps for clients in a variety of industries.

Why Create a WhatsApp Clone App?

If you’re looking for a great idea with a real chance of success and a large user base, look no further than WhatsApp. WhatsApp, as one of the most widely used global messaging and chat apps, may be the ideal inspiration for your next social messaging app.


WhatsApp is the first and only application of its kind.


It has more features than you’d expect from a messaging app.


It eliminated the need for SMS and made messaging more creative.


It identifies users based on phone numbers, effectively expanding reach.


WhatsApp is available on all platforms.

Encourages Movement

WhatsApp is only available on mobile devices.

How can we assist you?

We will provide you with a fantastic team of mobile app developers and designers who not only understand your industry but also have the ability to create a customized WhatsApp Clone App based on your specifications. In addition, we will

  • Discuss and thoroughly examine your app concept to determine its viability.
  • Explain the mechanism and technicalities involved in the development of such an app.
  • Set goals and limitations (if any) for your app.
  • Create and deliver the app.
  • Optimize and maintain the app (if and how needed).
  • Promote your app on the Google Play Store (optional, depending on the package you choose)

Our WhatsApp-like app will have the following features and functionalities:

Chat Area

There will, of course, be a chat feature, with both one-on-one and group chat options. Chat history, broadcast, starred messages, notifications, and other features are also available.

Synchronization of Contacts

All of your phone contacts who use the app will be automatically synced and added to your friends list. You can add them to your contact list and begin chatting with anyone on it.

Social media networking

Our WhatsApp clone app will also include social networking features, giving you direct access to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

File Sharing

This feature allows app users to share files and media with other app users. Image, video, document, audio, contact, and other file formats are all supported.

Video/Voice Calling

Our app, like WhatsApp, has video calling and voice chat features, allowing you to video call and/or send voice messages to your contacts for free.

Upload of Status

This is a new feature that allows app users to share their live status in the form of text, image, or video with their contacts to let them know what they’re up to.

User Profile/Panel

Each user will have their own profile panel where they can manage specific settings such as their profile picture, status, privacy, security, number, wallpaper, and more.

Privacy Options

This is a privacy feature that allows users to control who sees their profile picture, status, about, groups, and other sensitive information.

Share Locations

With support for Google Maps and Apple Maps, the WhatsApp Clone app will allow users to share their location or status with others (friends, family, etc.) in real-time.

Notification in Real Time

Your clone app, like WhatsApp, will have an instant notification feature that will allow users to receive notifications for important updates such as new messages, status updates, and so on.

Group Exit

Users will be able to use this option to exit/leave a group in which they no longer wish to participate. The option is available in the settings of the specific group.

Contacts Should Be Invited

Existing users can invite friends and family who are not yet using the app to join. Send an invitation via SMS, email, or another method using this option.

Why Are We the Best Choice for Whatsapp Clone Development?

You want developers.

We will not impose novice or inexperienced developers on you; instead, we will provide you with a team that has previously developed many similar apps and fully understands your project.

UI/UX that is appealing and user-friendly

Our design team will create stunning, relevant, and user-friendly graphics, images, and UI for your app in order to entice users to join and use the app for an extended period of time.

Total Administration

You don’t have to worry about managing your app on a daily basis when you work with us. That will be handled by our manager, who will keep you updated on the project’s progress on a regular basis.

There are no long-term contracts.

Rather than forcing our clients into long-term contracts, we believe in creating satisfied clients who want to continue working with us because of our commitment and high-quality services.

Quick Shipping

To reduce development time and ensure faster delivery, we use advanced development methodologies such as Agile, continuous testing, and wireframes.

Why Should You Go With Omninos for WhatsApp Clone Development?

Professional Developers

We have a dedicated team of developers who work efficiently to create the app.


Both iOS and Android will be supported. You have the option of having it published.

Simple to Personalize

The app’s appearance and navigation can be customized.

Begin Earning

Add Google Ads to your app to make money (admob).

Quick and simple

Omninos has an easy-to-use interface that loads in less than 5 seconds.

24 hour assistance support

We provide round-the-clock support for any issues with the app.

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